How to report a bug? What do I have to keep in mind?

  • Dear players,

    First of all, we'd like to thank you all for reporting the bugs you found. Thanks to your help we're able to continue improving the game. We believe that this little guide should help you resolve the most stubborn problems. In the event that the issue isn't resolved, you may open a new thread. Please use the search function before doing so. This way we can keep the section tidy.

    1.) Delete cookies and clear the browser cache
    This is particularly advantageous after an update. Please make sure that you only clear the cookies from Rise of Europe. All other cookies may be kept. Also bear in mind that clearing your cookies will mean that you'll have to log in anew.

    Internet Explorer 7 + 8:

    Internet Explorer 9:

    Mozilla Firefox:
    The browser settings can be changed using the menu on the right hand side. The included guide applies to Firefox Version 9 and newer versions. All of the links lead to the official Firefox FAQ.

    Click on 'Clear internet files' in the 'Extras' menu. In the menu which then follows, you have to click 'Personal selection'. As already mentioned, only the Rise of Europe cookies need to be removed. Then click on the 'Manage cookies' button in the 'Clear all cookies' field. In the newly opened window, select the Rise of Europe cookies by clicking the left mouse button and then click the 'Clear' button on the right. The window can now be closed. After that, the 'Clear complete cache' function should be selected. Finally click 'Clear' at the bottom.

    Select the 'Safari' icon in the menu and then click on 'Settings' (or use the shortcut: 'Ctrl' + ','). In the newly opened window select the 'Data privacy' tab and then 'Details'. Look for the Rise of Europe cookies here, mark them by left clicking on them and delete them using the 'Remove' button. Finally, click 'Finish'.
    To clear the cache, use the following shortcut: 'Alt' + 'Ctrl' + 'E' or select the 'Safari' icon in the menu and then 'Clear cache'.

    Google Chrome:
    A detailed guide can be found on the official website: Delete cache and other browser data

    Checking the version of Flash
    Rise of Europe always works with the most up-to-date version of Flash. Correct installation and the version can be checked at the following site: In addition to that, the latest version of Flash can be downloaded from The offered security software is optional and can be deactivated.

    Clearing the Flash cache
    Go to the following website, look for the Rise of Europe site and delete it. It shouldn't cause any harm if all of the sites happen to be deleted:…p/settings_manager07.html

    If the information given above doesn't resolve the issue, please send us the following details:

    • Your nickname
    • The approximate time the problem occured.
    • A description of the error
    • The version of your Flash player (see 'Checking the version of Flash')
    • A screenshot (if possible)

    Screenshots in Windows:
    First, press the 'PrintScr' button on your keyboard. Then open Microsoft Paint (Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint (or simply use the search function)). By pressing 'Ctrl' + 'V' you will place the screenshot in Paint. After that, save the image as a PNG or JPG file with a name of your choice.

    Screenshots Mac
    You can take a screenshot by pressing: 'CMD' + 'Shift' + '4'. If you want to capture the same window, this can be done by pressing: 'CMD' + 'Shift' + '4' + 'Clear'. Press and hold the buttons after each other, because pressing all four buttons at once won't work.

    After that, attach the image to your post. Please do not use any public image hosting sites!

    Many thanks for your help!

    Your "GAME" team