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  • Dear players,

    the Travian Kingdoms App is around for a long time, but sadly it is not as active as we might want it to be. Some reasons are obvious, some not, but long story short, it is something that we want to change and you are the people, who have dealt with the game the most. Therefore I created this post to inform you of the future plans and changes the App will go through and to get your feedback on how we can further improve your experience.

    Our current focus lies mainly on 5 topics:

    - The first one being the chat. We understand that a group based game needs as much coordination as possible. Therefore a way of communication is necessary. It is not a small task, but we are currently working on it.

    - The second point is push notifications. As Travian Kingdoms is by no means an always friendly game, it is important to react fast on attacks. A notification for attacks or messages is therefore a feature that we want to add to the App.

    - Another major point is avoiding the possibility of crashes. We are aware of the fact that crashes still occur, but I want to make clear that we know of them and that we are trying to lessen the amount of crashes as much as possible to improve the gameplay.

    - Additionally, we are optimizing the App. As our thorough tests have shown, the App is not running as well as we’d like, when running on slower internet connection. Therefore, we are looking for ways to improve this matter.

    - Last but not least, we are looking into bug fixes. We are always working on fixing issues appearing in our App. At this point I’d also like to say, that we can’t find all of the bugs. There are multiple ways of bugs appearing. Therefore, if you find an issue, please contact our support, it gives us the chance to fix issues, we might not have found otherwise.

    As you can see we already have a lot of things to do. We are also a new team working on the App, since we brought the App development back into the house of Travian Games. So, if you have any improvements, which you’d like to see in the App (not of the mentioned topics above, we are aware of the missing chat :)), feel free to post them here. We take all ideas in consideration, but even when we want to implement the idea, it might still be far in the future. Nonetheless, we want to have your thoughts, ideas and input to forge path of the Travian: Kingdoms App.

    Thank you in Advance for you input!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • Hi there. Here is some feedback from Ru community. Since they discussed it in Russian, I am giving short extracts from their reports. The original messages you can look here.

    The app often lags, also one of negative sides is that you have to tap a lot to make even the simplest action.
    1) On a positive side, you can build buildings in the app.
    2) iOs still misses opportunity to log into sitting accounts.
    3) Please add separate button to send attacks via farm-list somewhere in the main menu.
    4) Players also miss reserve resourсes option.
    5) Fix some bugs and maybe add icon which will show if troops are being trained in barracks, stables and the workshop like it is in the browser version.
    The app deeply misses timer with seconds in send attack tab and somewhere in the main interface and it's impossible to send troops in waves let alone to the exact time.
    Also I'd like to have player and village names clickable in the reports so that I could go directly to this player profile or village on the map. Player also misses repeat attack option. And of course chat.
    Downloaded the app. Saw broken fields which appeared about half a year ago and deleted it. Please fix that bug.
    I have Android and Windows phone. I personnaly like mobile version more than the app. The only thing I need from the app is to see the attacks on my alliance and kingdom. However, mobile version lags a lot and has huge amount of different bugs almost in any area.
    It's really difficult to send attacks in the app, because when you scout the area the only thing you can do is just look through reports. I want to have an option like in browser version to send attack directly from the report list. Because now you have to search player, open the map, find his village and then send troops. It's highly inconvenient and time-consuming.

  • Hello,

    a summary from Italian community:


    Improve recall troops stationed, now we can recall all of them at once and not part of them.


    Have an App for other SO like Windows Phone, Windows 8/10. Many players play using a internet key and it's low, so an app could be very useful


    I've started a new game world using App. I couldn't choose be king or governor and I couldn't choose region. So I've delete my avatar and waiting for a new start.

  • The GUI on both mobile and app is absolute horseshit for gathering information. During one of our last offense operations I was in a train trying to follow what happened to which hammer in which location, which cat waves had done how much damage, etc. Impossible. You can't do anything quickly (takes lots of taps/clicks), it's even worse than on desktop.

  • Hello ,
    In my experience using the app :
    -you can't log in from the app if you are a dual
    -you can't send farm lists from the app
    -when building has less than 5min left to finish you can't insta finish for free, it still costs gold

  • Yeah I can do most of those things too.

    -you can't log in from the app if you are a dual ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I CAN
    -you can't send farm lists from the app ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I CAN"T
    -when building has less than 5min left to finish you can't insta finish for free, it still costs gold -------I CAN
    Added: - I can't collect tributes as a king. It just crashes.
    -I can't view a players profile to see all his villages
    -when you send troops to oasis as reinforcements its gives warning "are you sure you want to attack your own oasis?"

  • Morning

    i'll summary the Arabic Community feedback below. AE feedback


    he wish to add these features:
    1- switch between villages while opening a building, like Residence, Town Hall...etc
    2- edit the profile description, as adding Medals. in general players profile doesn't exist in the App.


    report a crash when opening the App on IOS. err msg:"game worlds not available on the mobile version"
    here i guess it is a language matter since he is using Arabic just a thought


    App need lot of features like:
    1- farmlists.
    2- Card Games.
    3- player profile to see all player villages.
    4- search players or villages doesn't work when language is Arabic.
    5- put the attacker and defender troops on 1 page in reports so players don't have to switch page to see defender troops.

    that is all for now :P
    Red John

    Red John
    Customer Service Representative & Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms AE

  • Hi, first of all, THANK YOU very much for your valuable feedback! We appreciate it.

    We have discussed all the feedback and wishes you brought up and are currently looking into how we can address them to improve future app releases.
    And, we'd like to thank you all for reporting the bugs you found. Thanks to your help we're able to continue improving the App and therefore the game. If you find any further bugs, it would be a great help for us, when you take the time to file a bug report via the Help Center:
    so that we can take a closer look at them. Please also include your mobile device type, operating system version and the version ofthe app you’re using. Your help is much appreciated!
    It is always better to have 2 reports about the same bug than having none ;)

    Now, let’s go to the individual feedback:

    @galadriel / @TyKonKet: There are no plans for a WindowsPhone App atm. As alternative, we can only refer to the mobile browser version.

    @Moony: Thank you for that input. Unfortunately TestFlight is not a feasible way to progressively test features on live gameworlds atm, but we’re looking into how we can safely roll out test features earlier for those that are interested in helping out. Please don’t count on a fast solution though ^^


    Your Kingdoms Mobile Team

    P.S.: Keep watching this space, we’ll keep you updated :)

  • After the new update 2 bugs have come up (that I've noticed):

    1. Opening the Communities tab (Crown button) will crash the app if the user is a King or Duke. This bug was present in the previous version as well.
    2. Opening the map crashes the app. Don't know if it's all users or just Kings and Dukes. This bug is new for this update.

    I've already tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app 3 times.

  • Hello,

    Was just wondering if we had any progress with the chat system? I use the app almost 50% of all game time now. I am able to do almost everything I need on the APP except;

    -No chat system as of yet, and
    -When playing as Roman, the app gives me a red "Action not needed" when I try and build multiple buildings and resource fields. I think this bug is related to the romans ability to build 1 field and one building simultaneously.

    Thank you,

    "Order will be established; Disciplined maintained!"