Village troop informations

  • Removal of Duke's ability to see village troop informations I don't see the importance of this and I think this just makes the game bad wherein dukes are used as spies to check troop infos of opposing allies. I think even without this authority for dukes they will be fine. Whats important is the king can monitor his dukes troop information and such.

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  • I'm going the other way on this one. Especially given the new concept on Test of one king, many dukes. Your duke is an important player. They're producing influence, storing treasures, etc... If you can't trust your duke with the ability to check your villages at a glance to see def and crop situation, you're picking the wrong person for duke.

    I've relied on my dukes when playing king to keep an eye on things if I'm not around. I don't really want that ability taken away because people are choosing the wrong dukes, or flip flopping between alliances...

  • I do think enabling it or disabling it on demand would be the best solution. Why not actually have the ability to do this for any player? There could be a trusted player who is not a duke. It also helps with alliance management.

    Speaking of alliance management, it would be nice if certain players could be given the ability to see key stats for defense..etc. Wall level, incoming attacker.. etc. Would certainly help defend players who choose to sleep at some point.