Comparing Phalanx and Legionaire as defensive option. Pure resource/def point standpoint

  • Hello all,

    Next server I want to go for the top 10 defensive achievement and I was wondering what tribe is the best for this goal.

    Everyone always scream that Gaul is the best defensive tribe, but I just had a question about it. Please READ this, because there are some specific rules for my reasoning.

    Phalanx costs 235 resources to build. Gives a total of 90 defensive points. This mean it gives 0.38 defensive point/resource.
    Legionair costs 225 resouces to build. Gives a total of 85 defensive points. This means it gives 0.37 defensive point/resource.
    This shows that the difference is only 3% in resources.

    The Phalanx has 7 speed
    The Legionair has 6 speed
    This means you can get the phalanx a bit faster to its goal.

    I'm not taking into account the speed at which a phalanx is being build (much faster), because as a defender you can just build in multiple villages.
    I'm not taking into account the horses of Gauls/Romans, because they are not as resource efficient and I think if you want to go pure defensive/resource it should just be Phalanx and Legionair.

    Why do I want to compare the Roman to Gaul, because I love to play as Roman since it gives you extra building slots for fields and this means you can expand much faster if you have a high activity level. Faster expanding means, more resource income, means more resources for building defense.

    EDIT: This is a nice tool to see the little differences

    Legionair is not that bad as everyone says in defense and as a roman expanding is easier so production to make more troops is also better for more def points.

    Please let me know your opinion is and back it up with some data or good theories :)

  • Legs are not bad as defenders, certainly no where near as bad a many people think, their major downside for me, is that it takes a lot longer for you to get to the point where you have a decent number. Sure come end game your more or less equal to Phalanx producers, in terms of how many you have tucked away in your villages waiting to be deployed, but getting there takes longer, and if your wiped out, the Phalanx anvils will be replaced much faster.

    I know your ignoring production speed because you can make in many villages, but a gual making Phalanxes in 15 villages will produce much faster than a Roman produces Legs in 15 villages.

    There are times, when this speed of production could be the difference between winning a loosing.

  • I have to agree with Chilling Effect. For me everything on this game depends on speed. The quickest, the fastest, the most active.. is always gonna end up being the best.

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • And one more thing to remember...

    You specifically stated you were aiming for top ten defender. That means losing troops when defending regularly over the server, not just stashed in a WW - those points have to be shared across too many people. So the comments above in regards to replacement time actually becomes the main driver. Because if you're putting your troops in harm's way, then crop upkeep don't matter. Res cost don't matter either, the difference is marginal. It's training time that'll be the defining factor.

    If you're playing a server for fun, pick you favourite tribe, work out a playstyle, and knock yourself out. But if you're aiming to be the best in the server at something, there's specific tribe advantages that really should decide your choice for you. And if you're aiming for top defender, it's gotta be Gaul.