Ideas, problems and new item!

  • Some ideas and problems in game that must be fixed:
    -Settler must automatically return when the tile it will settle has been taken
    -Limiting Confederacy and NAP to 1 kingdom max
    -Have artifacts that can make the game more active
    -Issue of having a populated kingdom wherein robber camps only spawn to unused tiles limiting its number and not beneficial to the kingdom
    -Have different icon for each hero tribe so you know what hero tribe is defending:
    e.g. Red for Roman hero, Green for Gaul and Brown for Teuton
    -Adding function of King to Hide his Troop information to all/certain dukes

    Helmet that reduces training time of Siege Units

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • Settler....agreed on that
    Limit confed & nap....This was attempted in Legends and it was fruitless.
    Artifacts...I hate artifacts
    Robber Camps....I have not seen any problem and was in a mega alliance on alpha server and there was always room for even more camps.
    Icon....Not sure what you are wanting here. When Ilook at the rp of a village I can easily which troops are defending.
    Hide troop info....I do agree to this as well. Been asking about that since Kingdoms began. Give the kings/dukes options to who is allowed to view troop numbers. Much like inviting someone into a SS you can add names to those you are giving permission to.

  • Settler - Yep, would be awesome if they turned home right away.
    Artifacts - No, no, no. Artifacts should only be introduced if they worked for the whole kingdom (for free, not like they did on AEU) and would help smaller alliances more than bigger ones. Earlier artifacts were more overpowered the bigger the player was holding it. Although i would like to see clown artifacts still :P
    Robbers - There's always room for robber camps unless you are playing preformed and everyone settles to your area in first week, and even then the problem exists only for few days.
    Troop info - I think limiting that information is not enough, in my opinion it should also be possible to give dukes rights to change alliance description and change alliance pacts.
    Helmet - No thank you.. One player can already mass enough siege troops to do massive damage, i don't think they need any buffing.

  • I think we can definitely change the Settler thing. It's punishing enough that you couldn't get the tile you wanted.

    Regarding the hero icon: As a workaround, you can already know the tribe from looking at the whole row of troop icons, can't you? There are no "mixed" armies for now.

    For some of the other things we'll first monitor how the game develops under the removal of alliances and then decide on further steps. I agree with @Jallu though that it could be quite dangerous to significantly buff siege units.