Governor. Second village in 24 hours

  • Please, note! This guide is for experienced players only, who are able to get advantage of this way of settling second village.

    Using the best guide but still have no chances to occupy the most desirable 15 croppers?

    Tired of the helpless chase after those, who found/bought gladiator helmets?

    Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies... and some magic! =)

    And now a bit more serious. =)

    This isn't a joke, you'll train 3 settlers and get 1000 CP way ahead of everyone who will use standard ways. And their helmet of gladiators will not help them!

    But everything has its price. And you'll have to pay it.... But we're talking not about gold...

    Btw, it would help if you have Plus Account and 60-70 gold.

    All strategies have theirs ups and downs. This one is not an exception. But this way can enrich both single player strategies and the whole alliances.

    I will not pay much attention to obvious things, there are newbie guides for that.

    Register avatar. Complete tutorial.

    Start killing hideouts. The sooner you do it, the faster the next hidout appears, and the time when first 7-8 hideots appear will define when you settle your second village

    Don't build anything unnecessary, anything, which is not mentioned below.. Dismantle the rubbles and get rewards for quests meanwhile. Complete immediately everything that is being built more than 10-15 minutes,

    Watch out, avoid loosing any resourses, Pay attention to the empty space in your warehouse and granary when you collect rewards and dismantle rubbles,Use NPC if needed.


    - all croplands to the 3rd lvl (only croplands!!!)

    - warehouse lvl 6

    - granary lvl 5

    - barracks lvl 3

    - cranny lvl 1

    - embassy lvl 1

    - marketplace lvl 1

    - main building lvl 5

    Train 25 cheapest units

    Build residence lvl 5.

    Train 3 settlers.

    Please, note! As soon as you order the 3rd settle, get a reward (keep an eye on warehouse and granary, don't lose resources)

    and build main building lvl 10 (use gold for tat) Then go to the main building and... demolish residence (it should be demolished AFTER the 3rd settler has been trained). This is your first sacrifice to the very quick second village.

    Construct warehouse lvl 7, granary lvl 6.

    When the residence will get demolised, you'll see that though you haven't spent resources to the lvls 6-10 (you got them as the reward for the quest), you'll get the regular amount of resources as if it was built till the 10th lvl.Dismantle the rubbles, keep an eye on the warehouse as usual.

    Build an academy lvl 10.

    After that build a Workshop. Get a reward. Demolish the Workshop and dismantle the rubbles.

    Build a townhall.

    Go to the main building... yes, time for another sacrifice. Demolish the Academy (use gold) and dismantle the rubbles.

    Build a Granary lvl 8.

    Save resources for a small celebration.

    Hold a celebration.

    Send your settlers wherever you like.

    Test results:

    Gameworld - COM5

    Server start around 14:00 GMT+2 10.10.16

    Avatart registered at 15:00 GMT+2 10.10.16

    Settlers sent to settle second village at 13:00 11.10.16

    This is only 23 hours since server start and 22 hours after avatar was registered.

    P.S. You'll have 0 lvl fields in your spawn village. How about using your 15-cropper to complete the tasks on "build resource fields"? ;) However, this is the story for another guide...
    P.P.S. One more addition. After you settle your village... Why not try destroying all the buildings via main building... then the main building itself and get rid of the spawn village, releasing culture for further expansion?

    Thanks to all who helped us test this strategy. :)


    ...и разбавится кровь твоя водой, чтобы не чувствовать ни боли, ни усталости... и разорвут плоть твою корни деревьев и трав, чтоб быть единым с землёй... и выпотрошит душу твою жгучий ветер...

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  • Wow, this is some serious sacrifice. But if you really need that 150% 15c it's ok I guess.

    I'm surprised you can still send settlers with residence level 0

    I think they should change that, because it seems a bit like cheating this way. But congratz on min-maxing the second village quest!

  • ...и разбавится кровь твоя водой, чтобы не чувствовать ни боли, ни усталости... и разорвут плоть твою корни деревьев и трав, чтоб быть единым с землёй... и выпотрошит душу твою жгучий ветер...

  • Amazing. I think it's a big sacrifice for Gauls and Rommans, but can be really nice to Teutons.

    Last server (playing Gauls) I have c15 100%, 2 barracks (archon helmet upgraded +5%) + 1 stable at full production (my hammer had 70k+ Swords + TTs), and I finish with 600+ stolen goods. Croop was not a problem to me.

  • if only i knew it earlier :D