Governor. Second village in 24 hours

  • Yes i do get 800 CP for constructing a Town Hall. But we need 1000 to settle second village.
    so you mean, the min i host a small celebration party it gives culture points immediately ..??

  • The celebration doesn't need to be sped up. You will get a bunch of culture points for certain quests (celebrating itself gets you 800 as far as I remember, plus the cp it gives you because it's a party).

    Just a little correction, building the town hall gets you 800 CP from a quest, having a party gets you 500 CP from a quest + whatever your current cp/day is.

  • This worked brilliantly.
    My gold was locked up on another server and I was waiting for that delete to finish and I didn't want to buy gold on the new server.

    But I was able to follow the guide, using only the starting 40 free gold and I had no issues at all.

    The only issue I had was I forgot to do the workshop quest before I demolished the academy and I was exactly 2k short for the next step in the guide which cost me about 4 hours waiting for robbers.

    So that workshop quest step is important, don't forget it!
    Great guide.

    On my next server I plan NOT to use the residence lvl 5 -> 10 quest. it should take about another 12 to 18 hours to do the build manually, but then when I use it on my new villa, it should save me about 2 or 3 days. I will respond here in a month and let you know how it went.

  • I just tried it on speed server com3, and it did not work. Well, the strategy worked just fine, got my threes Settlers in a few hours. But when I finished the CP stuff this morning (there was a night in between and I did not want to skip the night for a test server...) and tried to settle, the game would not let me, saying I lack the expansion slot! So what did I do wrong? I was supposed to destroy the residence, but now I have no expansion slot anymore :-(

  • Im gonna try this when new server starts. Ofc you need to send settlers and then destroy the residence, cause you cant send settlers without an expansion slot. After sending em and destroying the building they will still settle, right? This strategy can be also used for moving into a better kingdom, just find mc15 in that kingdom, or settle somewhere where nobody active plays, destroy first village and you get an offer to move your village

  • Yes you can so long as:
    1) you have the entire set of 3
    2) you have the required culture

    The residence itself is unnecessary except in creating the settlers in the first place

  • And this is my whole point: As I wrote, I had all threes ettlers and sufficient CP, and still the game would not let me, saying I lack an expansion slot! I tried it on a speed server, would that make a difference?

  • The strategy worked for me as described at least this Com 2 when I gave it a shot. Either they have changed something in a recent patch (last 3 months) or you must have made some kind of a mistake (perhaps just 2 settlers?)