Governor. Second village in 24 hours

  • Hi, travians

    "After you settle your village... Why not try destroying all the buildings via main building... then the main building itself and get rid of the spawn village, releasing culture for further expansion?"

    Well, cool. But what about the Hero!
    You are in beginners protection for another 5 days, how to move him to new village?


  • hallo guys. i want to add something.
    i have tested this tactics,as a roman player , however at the end of the directions, i had resources shortage to make a small celebration at town hall .
    this is because of the 25 unit quest.
    in Teutons, the club swinnger costs 180 total resources however in Romans it costs 280
    when you multiply the differences with 25, we get 2500 total difference.
    which is exactly the same amount of shortage in romans.
    i sacrificed more by demolishing main building and barracks.
    during the game you should use your hero wise. i attacked oasis, eventough they are not generous, they contrubuted me for 2k of total resources.
    so in genereal,if you are applying this tactics as a roman
    you should be ready to sacrifice your
    -your soldiers (at oasiss)
    -your 10 lvl main building
    -and the barracks
    plus account is mandatory

  • Romans.
    225 * 25 = 5625
    rewards: 1550 + 4000 = 5550
    difference: 5625 - 5550 =

    * 25 = 4500
    rewards: 975 + 2700 = 3675
    difference: 4500 - 3675 = 825

    ...и разбавится кровь твоя водой, чтобы не чувствовать ни боли, ни усталости... и разорвут плоть твою корни деревьев и трав, чтоб быть единым с землёй... и выпотрошит душу твою жгучий ветер...

  • If I find second villages and then completely destroy the first village, how will the remaining resources be transported to the second villages? There will be a lot of resources, but it's hard to transport

    I know it can be transported by troops, but I don't want to end the protection ...

  • It gives you an extra advantage in terms of long-run. For sure not to the early game, therefore you should do it only if you are familiar with such a tactic (tested it) and have prepared solid plan for your expansion, economics and basically everything. As Mayo said, you should really know what you are doing if you want to do it :)

  • Can 2 experienced players test this in following way.
    First one does things according to this tactics and second one plays normal way experienced players do it.
    They go for a week. Then we can see the difference between them and see is it worth as much.

  • That makes no sense has a test, the guy doing the guide will fall a lot behind the one playing normally, this is meant for groups of people who wants to relocate elsewhere and control all croppers in an area for instance. Judging it only on a week is absolutely irrelevant, you have to look on the long term investment for this. And yeah if done properly it's absolutely worth it but you have to be prepared and plan ahead, doing it because it sounds strong will make you fall behind against everyone else.

  • I just finished my second village on the famine server Com6. From when I started to creating my second city it took me 52 hours mostly due to the extra crop requirements for buildings in the game. But now that I know it works, Oh I'm so using it more in the future.

  • WTF?

    Hey there Kidu,
    I assume this screenshot is from COM6 which is a special game world with the Dry Season mode activated. On this world the NPC merchant doesn't trade any crop. You can find more details about the Dry season mode here

    Kind regards

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    Travian Kingdoms International

  • The celebration doesn't need to be sped up. You will get a bunch of culture points for certain quests (celebrating itself gets you 800 as far as I remember, plus the cp it gives you because it's a party).