Can't choose english on the russian speed

  • How come russian can choose russian as language on a com server, but I can't choose english on a russian server? Not fair!

    Because com servers are threated as international, and russian is threated as national server and available only in russian language. There's no national english server too, so we need to play with all those who can't say a word in english, while others who have national servers don't have to :D

  • Hi

    In my country (Slovenia) we dont have Travian: Kingdoms, if we want to play we must play on .com servers. It will bi nice to give us our language server of put slovenian language on com, all our players dont speak english, maby they understand but have a problem with writing.

    I hope that we will live to see the day when the Slovenian language will also be an integral part of Travian: Kingdoms

    Regards from Slovenia

  • And have what 200 people on server at most ? :D Maybe if they'd put server together like it's Nordic for Balkan that'd be a way maybe ;)

    That's why the developers need to make a choice. Now the com servers are full of russian players and there i nowhere to go for only english speakers. Like I said: Not Fair

    Where were you months ago when we were arguing this same thing ? :P

  • Bumping this up. Well, it's about time we got English speaking servers back. There are servers for so many languages, but none for English. If you agree, show your support with a like or comment, and the big bosses might listen to us. With a kingdom merge that I as a governor had no say in in a just finished server, we suddenly found ourselves in a Russian speaking kingdom. While the king (queen) at least spoke English also and went to the trouble to post the most important information in English also, we still missed out on so much.

    And there is the issue of systemic Russian cheating (and denying) that is brought up in server after server, year after year, right back to TL and maybe even earlier. I'm not saying that all Russians cheat, or that all cheats are Russian, but when one country is equated with kingdom wide cheating, it's always the same country. With English speaking servers we can avoid this much more.

  • Agreed. I have nothing against Russians players (generally they are very experienced and friendly), but if they want to play on COM servers, they need to speak english. It's a gross lack of respect for others players speaking Russian on all chats.

  • I agree to the sentiment that a server's language should be heeded to, and used in the public chats - there's a reason that a server is advertized with a certain language.

    However, there's a simple measure to enforce it: kick ass of those who don't adhere to that (unwritten) rule, don't ally with them, don't trade with them, but farm and katta them.