Chiefing back a stolen village

  • I haven't found anything on this specific topic yet but I would be surprised greatly if it hasn't been brought up yet. Recently while playing I had some jerk from another alliance take one of my villages. I certainly had the CP and a chief laying in wait so I went ahead and sent them off to take my village back. Much to my complete annoyance, I got returned troops with 0 effect because "this village has been in your alliance within the last 3 days". I mean... really? Not to mention the terrible unexpected feeling that came with, even logically that does not make any sense AT ALL. Please, please, PLEASE fix this.

  • Longstanding bug that has been 'fixed' a couple of times I believe but is still around. We conquered a city a while back, opponent couldn't take it back from us since it had been in their kingdom/alliance in the last 3 days, lol.

  • Let me reiterate, I said "alliance" where the message actually said "kingdom" He was in the center of my kingdom and there was no way another kig could have invited him. He had the village destroyed within 10 hours.