Gold Card Game Sampling

  • Hello all,

    In the test we got a big load of free gold, because they decided to compensate for stopping the server earlier.

    Well i went and TEST something out with the gold. I had a look at all the Gold Card Game where you can buy cards for gold.

    I played 160 rounds and found the following data.

    Link to data sheet
    Chart Link for those that want visual data
    Chart Link

    This is just a sample and i'm sure it's not 100% accurate, but the data set is large enough to see paterns:

    NPC 1x and 2x 1:1 Together 6%
    Diamond have equal chance to be found 2-3% per diamond
    Silver:gold ration is about 1:4
    Quick Trade and Instafinish the same chance
    Res.+crop. Bronze : Silver : Gold rate is 4:2:1
    Adventure point 2-3%
    2 free cards about 5%
    Extra buildings lot has about 1%



  • I would really like to see if the data differs between these 3 subgroups of card draw

    Pick 4 out of 5 (all cards)
    Pick 1 out of 5 (picked card)
    Pick 1 out of 5 (the other 4 cards)

    If the devs are really sneaky #1 and #2 categories might be the same but #3 category might have significantly higher chance of showing you something good. It's a pretty classic trick on these types of games and similar gambling systems. A standard slot machine will show you a lot more "grand price" markers than it will ever actually slot into the winning row. If they use a similar system #3 category might show a lot more gold and building grounds in particular.

  • I don't think #3 is true. My last game I saw only 1 building ground in my cards the whole server; yes it was in the other 4 cards, but then there's 4 times the chance that would be the case.

    I do suspect that it's not decently random though. I seem to recall similar work being done on the loot from adventures and it showed evidence of the streakiness associated with some RNGs.