Improve game by making treasures scarce.

  • I am nearing the end of my 4th sequential server of Travian Kindoms, and have one idea that I think could improve the game play.

    By mid-game, my king's treasuries are drowning in treasures, and all the duke's treasuries were full too. There was no point in attacking other alliances to take their treasures because the limiting factor was treasury space and we knew that their treasuries would refill out of their overflow as fast as we could steal treasures. There was no way to really halt the advance in their victory points by taking treasures.

    In order for treasures to be valuable and worth fighting over, they must be scarce.

    After 30 days, make the robbers hideouts disappear altogether. No more new treasures at all; only fighting over the treasures that have already been released into the game in the first 30 days.
    I believe that this would keep the treasures scarce enough to be worth fighting over. If you can't steal them and get them, you don't get to earn victory points. If you lose them, they cannot be replaced without risking hammers.

  • I agree they should be scarce, however...Only the big 3 alliances on the server we're talking about have this problem though. For the rest of the alliances, the treasures are scarce already. I haven't seen that much fighting around treasures during the rest of the game excepting endgame. Treasures just don't seem to work well enough as an incentive to fighting, certainly not for prolonged wars. They weren't meant to be since this is a casual game in which nobody is supposed to fight.

  • making the treasures more scarce would "hurt" the govenor to much

    i think it would be then better to increase the capacity again of the treasuries, i have no idea why they changed the capacity of a lvl 20 treasury from 10K to 4K treasures.
    but since that change the treasuries of a succesfull king are already full with only the treasures he collected trough tributes so why would you then go fighting for treasures?