Player Specialization

  • I think this ideas will not improve team play a lot. Team play always exist between active players, so the problem is not the mechanics of the game but to make player active and not bored.

    1. Make the mid game more important, putting more action.
    a. Attack merge: You invite a friend to make one attack together and the attack will hit like one. Will be easy to hit enemies treasure and steal VPs. (not allowed for same ip/macs)
    b. Minor objectives: How about release minor artifacts in Natars that works for 1 day (maybe alliance effect). Burn troop to get artifacts or use then to hit enemies...
    c. Adopt a player: Players can adopt one other player with pop with 20% pop or less than you to give him production bonus while in the pop 20% condition. This will make players that start late be more relevant.
    d. Make every target more important, not only few villages. Ex: Treasures can hold only 1k but there are 4x more treasures actives. This can split the action.

    2. Tech trees can be nice, but not sharing blah blah blah Just give us more options to customize our game play.
    a. Offensive | Deffensive | Spies | CP generation | Resources | Merchants | Buildings

    Just some ideas.

  • another problem:
    Hungry kings : \
    that attack the robber camps
    only so as not to lose the top spot in the treasures

    I like to send def to Robber Camp:saint:

    WHY Startup farm list   have only 10 target? (no kingdoms with 10 treasures ):(

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  • Hello,

    Just read this thread - and answering cause in my opinion there is some easy and nice improvements to make with TK that would make the overall game expirience alot better, also some long term ideas which works very well with your idea of making research account wide.

    Keep in mind that this is only how I would like some improvements to be made, so since i'm writing in here it should be said that, I've played travian since before Travian legends even had speed servers, on and off for like 12 years, even though i'm only a settler in here. The reasoning for that is that I was 11 years old when i started playing, now i'm 23 and feel like i could contribute with some ideas.

    I'm going to split this reply into 2 sections, 1 as the easy and nice updates which would make TK players feel their account is more "alive" in a way, and the other one in improvements i would like to see fit on longer terms, and I'm ofc going to be realistic in the case that everyone should be able to play travian on a simple gameplay level, new players as expirienced veterans.

    1st section, improvements in overall gameplay (mainly visual).
    Villages and Cities have improving graphics, such as buildings getting more impressive to look at when as you upgade them, but what I personally miss is to see the inhabitants and preferably the troops in the village visually. Given that there is alot of space around the villages and on the walls, it would be very nice to at see some troops standing there in-game. Here's an example - when you have a village with like 500 troops, there should be some of them stationed on the wall, for romans it could be like 10 troops visually keeping watch over the terrain outside, and that number should rise as long as you get more troops, to be around 2000 troops, then there should be 40 men visually presented on the wall to keep watch over the terrain. It would be great to see that when you build more troops, you village/city visually improve. I think it would also encourage new players and players with a little expirience, to make more troops, as it visually would improve the overall village/city.

    Another thing is attack and reinforment directions on the map, not for raids though it would be ridicoulus in the sense that big raiding accounts wouldn't be able to look at the map with this idea. But back to the idea, make visual direction pointers from example: The attacking village to the target village of the attack. The direction pointer should in my opinion be a line in green for reinforcement, and red for attack, with arrows moving in the target direction up and down the line, and then a number added in the middle of the line showing how many movements there is in that direction. It would make it easier for more inexpirienced players to keep control of where their troops is going and what they are doing. This could also be considered viable for trades and for other movements against yourself, like if you get attacked.

    2nd Section, Military and Governor improvements:
    With your ideas to make research account wide, I would suggest a feature of creating a troop type more, Officers or Commanders, what ever you would like. A type of troops that would give the benefit of not having heroes to go with your army every time. Explained, you could research this when you reach a certain lvl. in overall research and the account should be ready for it, then you can build a commander which could go with your troops to battle or defense if needed, it should give a small percentage bonus, like when maxed out 5 %, so it would always benefit the most to have the hero going along side the attack. Besides that commanders should only be allowed to go with a max number of troops, let's say about 2.5k troops into battle, or at least only give the bonus for that ammount. Since TK is all about military, it makes sence to have some smaller leaders, and the feeling of an actual but simple commanding structure, it's how the military have worked. Consider the Commanders as colonels and the hero a general if so. This function is simple, and in my opinion makes it even worth more to have multiple cleaners or being able to help deff out multiple villages, with some form of effeciency, that also boost's your idea of keeping smaller kingdoms instead of alliance.

    Governor improvements is a hard thing to consider in Kingdoms, since Dukes and Kings should be alot bigger accounts than governors to make the gameplay realistic. In the sense that every players is a leader I suggest to tweak the system a bit, and make it more simple for every type of account, and encourage governors to keep improving with important improvements (instead of building stuff that is not worth it at the time). My suggestion is to change the tribute system, so that Governors can collect tributes from all of their own villages/cities in they own themselves, from their Capital. Dukes collect the same way, but also from Governors Capitals, and Kings collect from Dukes Capitals. The rule of every collecting Capital/treasury in this system should still be influence. That keeps both Governors and Dukes from settling a 15cc out in the wild west or anything funny like that, it would strengthen the idea of having a small kingdom and expanding it's borders in order to make progress and get more space for generating ress. The core of the idea would also be to make Governors able to build a tax collection office instead of a Treasury on their Capital only, this office should give 25 % ress of Wood, Iron and Clay, and give them the option to collect "taxes" in their Capital, I call it taxes cause they do not need treasures and they will just be collected by a duke whenever. The new building is reasoned that it would boost the option to have a 4-4-4-6 as a main village, and make it more viable for smaller accounts. Ofc. when Dukes collect tributes from their governors they should be a bonus so it still benefits the idea of a Duke being larger than a Governor (treasury gives 4k+ crop, maybe make an option for them to make a Tribute collection office which gives some better percentage, same for kings). And for the Capitals Sawmill, Brickyard and Iron Foundry should be replaced by the Tax/tribute office building, for all other villages it would still be the same.

    All of theese ideas will improve the progression in TK a little bit for everyplayer, and will not affect if you're using gold or not. I put them in here just to share, so feel free to like or dislike them, or maybe comment what your opinion is. Hope it's useful somehow and happy to get some sort of reply (hopefully, it's and old thread). Sorry if any spelling mistakes or just simply bad grammar, I was playing TK while writing this and had a lot to do, it should be readable and understandable.

    With Regards
    Mr.Jensen - Aka The Bandit. :thumbup:

  • Explanation map to what i wrote in the post just before this one (primarily tax/tribute system):

    Hope this can help you unterstand the ideas behind my earlier post.
    Tax/tribute system - Suggestion

    Get's new Capital only building "Tax Office"
    25% + for Iron, Clay and Wood and the funtion Collect Taxes, max upgrade 5, 5% is added to bonus production on each level.
    Collect taxes - Able to collect taxes in own villages/cities capital not included. (Taxes calculated in: % of income from owned Villages/Cities)
    Requirements, Residence/Palace lvl. 10, 2 villages, 1 one each Ress tile in level 10.

    Get's new Capital only building "Tribute Office"

    30% + for Iron, Clay and Wood and the funtion Collect Taxes, max upgrade 5, 6% is added to bonus production on each level.
    Collect taxes - Able to collect tributes in Governors Capitals and own villages/Cities capital not included. (Tributes calculated in: % of income from owned Villages/Cities)
    Requirements, Residence/Palace lvl. 10, 2 villages, 1 one each Ress tile in level 10.

    Get's new Capital only building "Tribute Office"
    25% + for Iron, Clay and Wood, max upgrade 5, 5% is added to bonus production on each level.
    Collect tributes - Able to collect taxes in own villages and Duke's Capitals + 20%, capital not included. (Tributes calculated in: % of income from owned Villages/Cities)
    Requirements, Residence/Palace lvl. 10, 2 villages, 1 one each Ress tile in level 10.

    As for kings the treasury is still the building to collect tributes in, since they should have tributes from the start. The main purpose of this is to make 4-4-4-6 a viable option for main cities, since 15 crops have an advantage of more building spots. The idea about governors collecting taxes makes sense since they have a Capital village, and it should in theory be considered "above" the other villages.

    Give feedback on my idea, shoot it down or like it - I'm open for suggestions or alterations too :-D

    And remember, this is just my point of view, so maybe it's a crap idea no one likes, but as for now it makes sense to bring it up, to me!

  • I agree with the many other posters.....this would be horribly abused by multis.

    I still think the best tactic to improve kingdom cohesion...would be to implement kingdom quests....much like a players personal quests.....
    with goals for the whole kingdom to attain and rewards from those that benefit the kingdom.