The new alliance/kingdom merge

  • First I want to state that I have been championing Kingdoms since it's inception as I like the game play and the direction that it was going before.
    I am not sure I can say too much about this new server they will be starting on com1. It is with the new 1 king system and here is the thread where it is announced.

    The Kingdom/Alliance Merge goes live

    What bothers me most is that statement that was made about this version and here is the statement per quote......

    "In this most recent update we have introduced the biggest change in gameplay in the history of the game. Some of you already tried it out on the test game world, and now, thanks to all the feedback we have received from you, all these huge changes are also going to be live for the first time on the international game world COM1"

    You see we have not had an opportunity nor a chance to play this version out to an end. The last server was stopped due to bad bugs and this new test with this version just began. We are only on day 11 so not even close to WW release yet.
    The feedback I saw in the threads had more to do about the sudden stoppage of the last test server and not about the game itself.
    I know companies like to put things on the market fast but at least let this run thru a whole server to see how the dynamics play out. This 1 king system may look good on paper but think about what happens if it is a dud. Now you have a live server that players will be paying money on. Right now on test server i do not see anything that is doing much to encourage what was stated this version would bring.

  • Dear @50 Calibre_COM,

    thankyou for your valuable feedback.

    It is true that the test world hasn't seen the new game round endings yet. The developers and game designers are aware of this and considered if the gap between the test world and the upcoming live world is enough time to react to major bugs or not. The whole team is working hard on giving the players the best playing experience and to have the new feature live before the year ends and players would have had to wait even longer. There have been internal tests before and all the players' feedback to the test world helped a lot to make the final decision to go live with the kingdoms/alliance merge that fast.

    We think that the new changes are improving the game play immensely and that is why we didn’t want all players to wait any longer.

    About the 1 king system: With smaller kingdoms, more players are going to be able to play as king without facing an uber-powerful alliance. But to win a round, the best strategy is still needed.

    I am looking forward to see you on the COM1 world and for your further feedback,

    kind regards,