5 players / kingdom (COM1)

  • Heya guys,

    Please change it back to 3 players / kingdom, it's way too crowded now... 25 players in a 7*7 square, once everyone has settled a second village, there won't be any slot left

    It might not be standard or fair but change it back to 3 right away, the server is growing very fast and in a week or so the current map will already be full.

    If not please tell me how is this a good change and how do you think it's going to balance the game more than before.

    - Mayo

  • If you're worried about space, that just means that you'll have to make better use of it. Form smaller kingdoms. Don't try to swallow each and every player around you.

    EDIT: Sorry, I thought you were talking about the reduced duke slots somehow. You're right that the additional player start positions make the map more crowded early on. Instead of reducing the starting positions again, which brings its own problems, we might try to modify the placement patterns of kingdoms to give them more "breathing room" from the start.

  • I don't want to swallow players I want to settle villages nearby and not 30 squares away because there are no spots near me because there are 4 kingdomswith 4 governorsand 1 king in my 7*7 ..
    right now there are more or less 15k squares, 2k players, lets consider to have 1k oasis, and 1k squares available. it means 13k/2k = 6.5 villages /player to completely fill the map.

    And I don't see how your answer is an answer to my problem, you are the ones who increased the size of kingdoms swallowing players even from the spawn.

    Now look at this:
    - 16 players, 49 cells, 12 spot availables to settle a new village
    7*7 <-- image