Story: "Red Empire"

  • My following story took place on COMx3 Round 5 in September 2016

    once upon time in the mighty ancient world of kingdoms there was a peaceful empire of Gauls called "Red Empire". The villagers was happy building up their villages, seeding, iron mining and drilling the clay to insure supply. The scientist was doing their research to increase the military power alongside the blacksmith who was fabricating better weapons and armor.

    All the army was doing is defeating bunches of robbers whom try to raid the innocent villagers, but in one of the darkest night at the capital of the Red Empire the pathfinders heard a clatter in the forest, they was riding their horses in hurry and rummage the forest for an hour. Finally they found three Equites Legati inside a bear house and killed them after knowing the legati was spying for enemy.

    Four hours later when the king was sleeping in his palace the gate bell jingle, there was an attack on the Cap. An army of 6 thousand Imperian and 4 thousand Equites Caesaris was almost on the gate. The phalanx got out from their barracks and the druidriders mount their horses prepared to what is coming, after two hours of bloody battling small group of Imperian and Equites Caesaris ran away heading the forest followed by the brave phalanx throwing their spears on them.

    In the early morning of the next day the Theutates Thunder was preparing for revenge with their hero, the army was about 10 thousand Theutates Thunder and fast like light. "Black Angle" empire was celebrating their last night victory while Theutates Thunder was disgracing their king outside the town hall, they killed every single soldiers in Black Angle empire with showing no mercy.

    After this quick battle waves of swords among with siege weapons and chieftains was hitting the biggest city of Black Angle empire gate and convinced the villagers to join them and be under Red Empire flag.
    That was a flash of what peaceful empires can do when others try to raid their villages and put their villagers in danger because it is all about honor.

    Red John
    Customer Service Representative & Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms AE

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