Trapper (sugest)

  • The problem with the trapper is, that unlike with normal troops, traps don't have the "overwhelming" bonus. If you have 400 traps, the attacker will always lose 100. Always. No exceptions. No way to bypass that. This is quite logic, because, well, otherwise traps would just be an 11th troop type, but this also causes frustration as attacker (because you always lose something, no matter how much more off you have then the defender def) and the useless-feeling as defender (because it's just useless at some point).

  • That's exactly why its best for newbies.

    i mean think about it, a new person watches an advertisement, comes around to check the game, drops in on comx on day 30

    what happens next? he gets hammered the moment he lose his B.P and so he loses the interest. (customer gone)

    No more customers = not a lot to develop the game for.

    another thing is that every tribe is good but best in something right?

    Romans - Sim city and helluva strong troops!

    Teutons - Cheap but real fast training + the bloody wall, could dominate entire 14x14

    Gauls - well you think about it.

  • Not sure whether the trapper would prevent him from being hammer by any means, I usually ignore the trappers possible existence when attacking someone, but just don't attack 50 pop accounts on day 90 (30 on 3x).

    The point is, the trapper isn't really good at something. Trappers are frustrating for both, attacker and defender. If someone (who knows what he's doing ...) plays gauls, he plays it exclusively due to troop speed or because he plays without premades and wants to have reliable def versus both troop types. Gauls aren't good at much, their only measureable advantage is, that druids & haedus are very fast def and some minor advantages in the early-game. Their primary def (phalanx) is outclassed by romans and teutons (I calculated it once, if you have a combination of pretorians & spearmen, you get the strength of 107 phalanx with 100 units) and their off is just garbage. ^^

  • Oops! i am old school in this game so kinda messed 30 days and comx but i did some calculation on my own and i think you might be right.

    why to get a trapper to max lvl when you can make 1387 Phalanaxes out of those resources.

    Then again, it depends on your Playstyle and like you said "plays without premades and wants to have reliable def versus both troop types"

    For instance think about a Teuton playing as an Anvil completely omitting the fact that there is something known as Brewery.

    Trapper is like a tiny defense bonus to gauls also its pretty much designed for the beginning as the ones with the strongest troops (romans) think twice before hitting a gaul.

    here is an old guide but it still works.

    see if it changes your mind.

  • I do get how one uses traps, but its still very frustrating for both sides. :/

    Mid/Late, they just don't do much except annoying. Imagine an 50k hammer running into 2k traps. Traps just feel like you're peeing on someones trousers. It's annoying, it stinks, but it doesn't do much at all. And yes, they do their job early game, because troop numbers aren't that high, but that's all, some early game infuriating, but that's it.

  • and their off is just garbage.

    Hey cmon it's not that bad with their superior raiding units :P If them TTs let me start running greats way before others as a governor it doesn't really matter if they're worse attack/resource or attack/training time as i'm saving on both of those by getting better raiding going earlier. If you take limited resources out of the equation, okay they're not ideal..

  • Their primary def (phalanx) is outclassed by romans and teutons (I calculated it once, if you have a combination of pretorians & spearmen, you get the strength of 107 phalanx with 100 units) and their off is just garbage. ^^

    training time also outclassing romans def building possibilites (+ no real cavalry def unit) against fast building phals and druid/heads so romans def style is the worst you could choose

  • so you build smithies in every village to 20 and upgrade every def unit to 20 there?

    Only Pretorians, of course. But that's what one usually does as def account anyway to utilize the decentral-training-ability-advantage, doesn't one?

    Gaul def isn't just bad, druids & haedus are very fast and phalanx are just a little suboptimal compared to teuton-roman combination. My point is, that gauls don't really excel at anything, but they provide reasonably balanced tools for beginners, casual players and soloplayers (trappers, def speed, mixdef all are beneficial for those), but don't provide a must-have for well organized players, which refers to the statement, that every tribe is good at something. Gauls feel like a tribe which exists for "non-tryhards", they are okay at most things, and a casual gaul def account will likely be more useful than a casual teuton or roman def account, but at high tryhard levels, they are just not that good.

  • c'mon Be2-e4 ... you have never heard of an active anivl? or mobile anvil? you show me how you can do that with a roman .... romans are good only for standing def - you can't get them any where to defend in time - that is why it is considered a tribe for strategic actions, you use them wise both in attack and in def - you don't fill a trapper with imperians now do you? nor use them as rammers ...

    and gauls are the preset tribe for beginners - you take that trapper away from them you make them a very specialized tribe - as there should be another building that would enhance their characteristics - so instead of trapper what should it be, a troop speed up building? would you like a 25 speed TT? i know i would :D

    so that trapper is perfect for exactly that - semi active or new players, as it keeps them safe from raiding, and being farmed - no one will demolish a noob village just for fun, but we always farm them if we can

  • I never said one should remove the trapper, but removing its high frustration level would be something, that I really appreciate.

    Also I never said, that it is a problem, that gauls are how they are. It's just not how that guy with fancy letters said, that gauls are the very best at something. Also I don't know what traveling times the attackers usually have for you, but when having def villages near important villages to def, it's not too hard to be in time as roman.

  • my two cents on the subject..

    Right now trappers are useful in numbers at the beginning part of the game, meaning that if you have lots of gaul governors with small level traps in every village in the kingdom, then that makes it easier to defend the king and other players as raiders are reluctant to keep trapping their troops(plus gaul cranny helps against raiders in beginning). So the effect is not on the level of individual, but help the overall progress of the kingdom if it has the right balance of different tribes.

    But a weird thing about the traps id like to point out is the fact that troops can be trapped in enemy village for weeks....but who feeds them realistically?

    Imo these troops should slowly die of starvation..This could be the missing effect that gives trappers its edge that lots of players are crying for too.