• what changes do you want to see implimented 12

    1. all 3 changes (3) 25%
    2. 1 (0) 0%
    3. 2 (0) 0%
    4. 3 (4) 33%
    5. 1 and 2 (0) 0%
    6. 1 and 3 (1) 8%
    7. 2 and 3 (2) 17%
    8. none, like the game as it is (2) 17%

    older players stay in touch using apps like watsapp and newly met players find it difficult to create bonds with app players bcos of no chat , which is most of them, and they don't trust enough to give their contacts outside the game like watsapp contact. cant blame anyone I would do the same. ill give u a simple example why no chat in app is a disaster. when some one gets attacks he wants to ask for help and cant reach bcos they are not home and using app, but the older server shifters can get help bcos they have been friends long enough to share contacts. 2 or 3 unanswered such distress calls while your enemy gets answered is good enough for any one to understand the difference in playing fields and quit. also under current setup u can take part in the ww race only if you are among metas

    I have few suggestions that will change the game dynamics for good and make kingdoms more meaningful

    1. remove the 7 ww village limit. make it buildable in any location so that each kingdom can have 1. 7 ww limit means only 7 groups have a fighting chance to win and only the biggest group can win and so metas have unbeatable advantage
    it will make it meaningless for multiple kingdoms to group together for one to win. every kingdom will have a fighting chance as they can have their own WW. even if you are in confederation or NAP u can still compete with each other.
    it will prevent people from moving in to the strongest group and instead focus on making their kingdom strong. in the current set up only if you are on the winning team you can have the reward of accomplishing some thing. so every one tries to move in to the best group available. if every kingdom can build a WW it means everyone has a chance and a level playing field.

    2. get all the features from browser to app, and make the game app centric and move towards app based or app only. its already late. time to change. and add option to watch adds to earn gold like all the app does these days

    3.members of the kingdom can supply res or defend only their WW in their kingdom. metas become irrelevant and useless and forces each kingdom to compete. one can only attack other kingdoms ww, cant defend or supply. also cant switch teams after ww is built.

    these things will change the games dynamics to more interesting and meaningful.

  • I think I like the idea of being able to build, feed and defend only 1 world wonder per alliance/kingdom. It is an incentive to only sim by yourself for the entire server though, but that's probably not that important since the current WWs don't incentivize warfare either. But with the current VP mechanics, the WWs would probably still only matter for the top few alliances.

    Personally, I would never play if the game was app-centric instead of computer centric. Communicating only through mobile chat, in a tiny window, is a disaster. I don't even want to consider planning offense operations on a phone, or communicating about them..

  • 1. It doesn't change anything, people will try to join the best alliance anyway, having more WWs will just unbalance the game afterwards. Also they made pretty big changes with the new update regarding how WWs are handled, how kingdoms are handled. We've been talking about this the past two years almost and they finally did something about it. Test and COM1 are the first servers with these changes let's see how it works out. Also they lowered the importance of WWs finally (their VP bonus). so they are less relevant compared to before. Now people have to fight in order to win.

    2. They are working on it, it's been said multiple times already.

    3. They can all join the same kingdom and it would be the same thing, actually that's what its happening already, people join the same kingdom. WW can't switch alliances now either after lvl 50.

  • ok I agree with your second point, what if instead of making app centric they bive all features in both browser and in app that should be a middle ground..

    also if they reduce the time to attack/defend a WW say its the same time from everywhere along with the above changes, there will be more war. say every kingdom has a WW and its the same time to attack/defend a WW anywhere in the map, it increases the number of people capable of attacking a ww irrespective of its location, right now alliances/kingdoms cant stop or go to war with WW built far from them and so concentrate on building than in warfare .. if the time is made same to attack/defend a ww there will be more war.

  • I don't understand why more WW will unbalance the game.

    there is no alliance in com1 so they all cant join the alliance or fight for the same team.

    yes they still join the kingdom but with the current kingdom there is a restriction on how much you can expand. it cant accommodate all willing members. to tackle that over population they can increase the restriction or make the ww more expensive for additional every member in their kingdom to balance it out..

  • Actually, there would be less war. The endgame "war" would be about having as many big offense armies as possible which means it pays (as it always has) to sim big hammers for the entire server. What needs to happen instead is something that encourages wars throughout the server.

    I'm very curious to see how COM1 plays out. I'm currently not playing anywhere at all so hard to tell how the new kingdoms system is influencing it. I'm expecting to still have metas of kingdoms that are working together even if only one of those kingdoms can actually win.

  • Actually while expanding is harder, expanding more is more easier if the whole server worked together and getting under the same kingdom a whole server would be easier compared to before if the whole server was working together.
    Also getting 50 kingdoms together isnt a question of expansion, since day1 a king can invite the whole server in his kingdom if he wants.
    Focusing on WWs wont get you more wars compared to now or wont give more chances to other people since its not based on the WW that a kingdom wins a server, or rather it depends less on it now than before