Lost 7 millions of VP. How it is possible?

  • Btw something funny is that you have been a leader of xtools wing for the whole server and now you're saying you never considered xtools your alliance. You not only made a "mistake", the fact is you lied to gain protection then backstabbed us because you didn't think carefully while making your promise. xtools policy was always the same, if you really hated it you should already left already. You waited until badzone started the friendly war because you know you have no chance to survive without the chaos.

    I never was, BlackAdder was, but no one was doing anything in the alliance so I climbed up until I started making decisions and being relevant in decision making, and that was right before WW appeared.
    Yeah I guess from your point of view it was betrayal, but imo in order to consider this betrayal we should have played together first and that never happened, I might have seen 3 messages go from Ankur to BA at the time and every time it was request of def to xTools, when we asked help against TEAM, Ankur asked us to not attack or xTools won't help, we did it anyway. So yeah leaving xTools was just the natural process of things.
    BadZone did the right thing, everyone within United/Armory/CC wanted to have fun with the last months of the server and it would have never happened if he didn't step up, even if it was against his friends, he did what he should have for his ally. And no, I left way before he did the friendly war. ;)

    2. I created the movement cause no one had the b***s to do it, then again I was a noob and I didn't have time, at least with swordy, raisingup and co we offered the server some fun the last few months ;)

    3. Well it was a meta against another, then again, you kind of did it to yourselves, everyone hated the fact that xTools removed any kind of fun in COM2 and so that happened. I really just had to move some spirits

    4. As I said, it was a big mistake, it was super lame, and from my mistake I learnt and improved server by server to not repeat those mistakes. About the WW, I'm sure DanielHart and TEAM would have their word on this ;) Too bad DH isn't around often anymore, yeah Creeck hammer, the infamous hammer that never landed or got caught at home, can't remember exactly.

    5. You're right which is why this is last message over this topic, what's in the past is in the past. I completely agree I fucked up in the past, was new to kingdom, was wondering how the game changed, and did mistakes and improved from that, not saying United and co were more worth of a win, or that what we did was better, but what happened was a consequence of what you guys created there.

    Also I'm basing opinion on GT and what people on those servers told me, then again I might be mistaken since I didn't play myself but it's still a good input of data on which you can base an opinion based on the past aswell.

  • First of all VP stealing should stop the moment you pass the #1 in VP as frankly nullifying all the VP generated just doesn't seem right to me. This game we dropped Smoke below their wing, if we had 2 extra days we would have dropped them to 0 and that just shouldn't happen.

    Instead I propose the following.

    Taking treasures from #1 alliance steals you 50 VP per treasure until treasures are even
    Taking treasures from alliance higher than you steals 10 VP until treasures are even

    This could be a part of a possible solution.

    My opinion: Even so it was an interesting move, we should remove this possibility for other gameworlds, as it is overpowered.

  • I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back when XTOOLS won a server by having a WW switch over to their alliance there was a public out cry about how wrong it was and how players felt cheated and everyone demanded change in order to prevent this from happening again.

    I posted back then that creating rules will not stop HUMAN NATURE.
    A rule was put in place to stop that dastardly act so players could not be cheated anymore.

    Guess what? You put a rule in place and HUMAN NATURE found another way to make players feel cheated again.
    So I guess we need more rules in place to prevent this scenario from happening again.
    Before you know it we end up with a game that will be missing the HUMAN ELEMENT.

    Many of you say that you play Travian for the interaction and strategy. There is no strategy if you keep making up rules to try and control HUMAN NATURE.

    I will repeat what I said back then......

    No matter what you do or rules you put in place, HUMAN NATURE will find a way and sometimes a game just needs to be played as a GAME and stop making up rules when someone comes up with a way to win without breaking any rules.

    War in real life is not pretty. You have many tools to use to break those you fight. From weapons to psychological warfare.

    This is a war game and each side should be allowed to use all tools at their disposal and legal within the game. If you win you win and if you lose you lose and if you cannot accept a loss no matter how bad it feels then maybe war games or any game is not for you. No one likes to lose but those losses help you learn and will even make you a better winner.

    I will also say again........
    You make a rule to stop this and HUMAN NATURE will just find another way to win and if you don't believe that go back and read that thread about the WW switch and you will see that what I said then has come true here and always will.

  • its also in human nature to try preventing murders..and flaws in the system in this case

    //-_-/ -_-/ -_-/- - (:?l) - -/-_- /-_- /-_-//

    :/wether to game or to get gamed;)

    :)There lies the question:S

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  • You guys forget about 1 thing here.....

    After every server is over there is a crush of posters who post about how the winning team won by lesser then honorable ways.

    Instead of congratulating the winner, more just want to explain how they cheated or circumvented the rules.

    If it is not a rule then it is allowed and just another action players are allowed to use to win a server.

    When I first began playing Legends (back when version 2.5 was rolling into version 3)

    The big bad word back then was population and how it was used by most all alliances to gauge a players experience in Travian.
    Then it became the bad word because emphasis was put on troop counts.

    As we all know back in those days you needed a large group of players to win a server and so the 60 player alliances soon became 3-4+ wings and was normal game play.
    Then those who like to complain about losing started the whole "ZERG META's" and soon every server winner was belittled with this title to try and diminish the win. The zerg tag last for a couple years before being dropped and now just the word "Meta" is used to try and diminish the winning alliance. In Legends you need more then 60 players to win a server by most accounts. In Kingdoms a win can be accomplished by smaller teams of players.

    I left Legends after playing just 1 round of the 4.2 version of Legends as the cheating was way too much and if you won, no one came to offer congratulations, only accusations.

    When they rolled Kingdoms off the table it was cool again but then again the players who lose a server started again with complaining and accusing any winning team and to this day I still cannot wrap my head around why people cannot accept losing as well as winning.

    XTOOLS played the switcheroo with a ww and they were condemned. NO RULES WERE BROKEN
    Jallu played around with the treasures to win and again the tactic is being diminished. NO RULES WERE BROKEN
    2 other servers were filled with accusations of cheating directed at the winners but with no actual proof. NO PROOF GIVEN ONLY ACCUSATIONS

    I do know people do break rules and it happens in Kingdoms as well but not every player who does well or alliance that wins a server is a cheater.

    No matter what rules you put in place there will always be a winner and of course someone has to lose.
    Even on our last server we ended up in 2nd place and we played a pretty good game but we were duped in the end by false information.
    False info is not against the rules and used in war all the time yet we were the only alliance to come out and congratulate the winner of that round.
    We did not cry about it or throw out accusation of the moral high ground and fairness of it. We did discuss it at length in our skype chat and was just another lesson for us as we move forward to another server.

    So you can dislike my posts all you wish but if you really wish to enjoy a war strategy game then accept all that goes with it that is legal by the rules and enjoy it for what it is....A GAME

    I am proud of all members of The Colony¿³ as they play hard, win hard and lose with grace. Be ready to rock the house again to all you who know who you are. :)

  • If Jallu had won by simply outplaying the opponent, I'm sure nobody would've minded the loss, just like we in Colony didn't mind our loss that much. Nobody on the server threw accusations against Wingman for winning the last COM1, it was won fair and square. It's not losing that people hate so much, it's losing in a lame way. Losing a football match because the referee makes dubious calls is different from losing because the other team was simply better in every way. The first even though no rules are technically broken, much like the xtools & jallu win, is what people can't accept as a part of the game. The second, people can accept.

  • This game sucks already with it's kingdoms system and ability for unknown players to join alliances in late game. It is way worse than ever before - paid features more expensive and just a HORRIBLE support which always have the only one answer - everything working fine. This will be my last server also.

  • and yet TM stated only a few of your players knew the course of action to be taken. One or both of you are liars.

    Why would we be liars? I promise you that no more than 5 players knew about the thing. If we didn't go for this way of playing we would've produced way more VP. We chose not to go for that route because then we would be the one at disadvantage. There is no lying here, we can guide our players to a certain playstyle without them knowing of this.

  • and yet TM stated only a few of your players knew the course of action to be taken. One or both of you are liars.

    I can confirm what Jallu said above, no lies have been told on this thread regards this issue.

    It's true that only few people knew, the 3 of us who have been active on this thread; Jallu, Teutonic Master and myself and few others.
    It's also true that the entire alliance played towards this strategy.
    These statements aren't contradictory as alliance actions were largely lead by the players who knew what was going on. Not to mention that 2 of those players are kings who naturally generate the largest amount of VP and have the biggest control of how much is generated, hence they can very easily directly reduce the VP generation to suit the strategy.

  • also, it looks like Telephus was a player that was instrumental yet has zero travian history. I'd like the administrators to look into that account and who was behind it. If this was a fake account or a person playing two accounts this is against the rules and their actions should be undone. We could even have the server set back to before this player was on the server.

  • Some have been saying here that you "thought outside the box". You cheated. It's that simple. The very definition of cheating reads "act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage". You acted unfairly and gained the advantage. You cheated.

  • No, it's just a lame strategy that the game allows. Nothing unfair about it, no cheating involved unless they really were multiaccounting (which I would say is likely). And of course they won't be handing anything back, since what they care about most is winning.