Changelog 0.62

  • Dear Players,

    The game worlds with the kingdoms/alliance merge will get an update! This new game version 0.62 will make it easier for you to keep track of everything that happened in game during your absence and it also includes some lovely water animations.
    Here is the complete Changelog v0.62:


    • New welcome screen: When you log into your Travian Kingdoms game world, this new screen will give you an overview of everything that happened while you were offline. You will be able to quickly see your adventure points, the robber hideouts that have spawned in your kingdom, your kingdom’s ranking and much more.
    • New icons: we have implemented a lot of new icons that have been redone to better fit the game and be easier to recognize. These include new icons for some troops, quest menu and adventure menu among many other new icons.
    • Water animation: we’ve added a water animation to the resource map, making it livelier. You will now see water flowing down a waterfall in the mountains, as well as another water animation in the river in the village overview.
    • Further improvements to the kingdom/Alliance: We have updated the in-game help sections to fit the new changes.
    • King distribution: If there are too few kings on a game world, even players with less than 25 prestige points will be able to choose the king role.
    • Improved tutorial flow: If you choose the governor role in the tutorial and had no other choice anyway, the following confirmation popup will not be shown. Also for new players (0 prestige), the selection of the starting position will be skipped.

    Bug Fixes:

    • The online status is now visible to all members of the kingdom (as long as they don’t change the default setting to hide their online status).
    • Players that are inactive or in deletion can no longer be kings. When a king becomes inactive, he automatically abdicates.
    • Players in deletion can no longer be kings and will abdicate automatically to become dukes.
    • Several minor bug fixes.

    Have fun with the changes and we are looking forward to your comments!
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International