Building placement

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  • Hello all,

    Maybe it's just me but i like the sims part of travian where you place the buildings in a certain order that makes sense for you. All this is crippled by the starting tutorial in which they tell you where to place the barracks. Not only that but i can't even clean the rubble before placing the barrack so i can try to put it where i like :(. Is there something i am doing wrong or it's just the way it is?


  • I had exactly the same problem, or still do have :D I usualy built military stuff (barracks, stable, workshop) on right side of circle, exactly where rubbles are now :D Kinda got used to it, that my 1st village looks a little different than others, but still, would be awesome if you could fix that you can choose where you want to have rubbles or something, because it's important to me to have everything on same place, to find things fast when needed :D

  • I don't have a my perfect setup, at least not for pic but i will try show u one when com6 starts :). And the setup differs depending on type of city. For example a 15croper will look a bit different than other villages purposed for resources for example. :)

    Thx for caring though

  • I already made a thread about his - back in 2015 :D

    Building Barracks and rubble when creating account adjustment.

    Some promises were made by Georgi but unfortunately it seems that other things pushed it from the priority list. Which is understandable considering that building placements don't really impact the gameplay in any way.

    the rubbles will be movable in the future, we'll update you as soon as we have more information about this.

    Best regards

    Overall I'm glad that this is back in focus again :)

  • Ahh, that's the dismantled grain mill there...

    do you have a screenshot of one of your villages that are perfectly set in place? I'd like to see how you picture the Travian Kingdoms village :)

    As i promised here is a pic of how i pictured the village without having 100% freedom (due to rubble).

    And to explain my logic behind this setup:

    Top: Military Ward: self explanatory; i've included the once hero mansion here as well.
    Left: No yet decided and not really something homogeneous as the building left are too different.
    Center: High class buildings Embassy, Academy and like all city centers Market (ofc here would also be a good fit for Town Hall but the slots available are limited :))
    Right: Storage and flour preparation (i messed up with the smithy there, should have placed it on left side)
    Bottom: Industry area, all the good production buildings. Still misses the bakery, soon to be added.

    PS: I would love to see other visions of the village.


  • I find it very difficult to keep myself on the plan because there is so many different kind of villages as king.

    Hammer village
    Capital village
    Crop village
    Treasury village
    Tribute collect village
    Farming village
    Wonder Chief village
    Trade post village

    all look different

  • Yes i know, i already said depending on the purpose of the village will always look different. However this is the first village you start with and it's a mix to accommodate the beginning of the server :P

  • I always keep baracks on that side and have my military on the right side. (excluding workshop, because I dont build that in every village.
    I build up my warehouse and granary in the top, because those are usually build before I clear the rubble.
    Then the centre are for my partyhouse and residence/palace.
    On the left side, near the gate (for faster acces for traders) I have the marketplace and between the warehouses and marketplace the trade office.

    Then on the bottom is my industry. On the leftside we are left with 2 spots and on the spot where you see workshop here is usually free space.
    Those I build up with extra warehouse or if it's an off village, Tournament SQ/Big baracks/stable.
    If I really need to destroy a building it will be one of the resource building (mostly crop)
    My walls are always 20 in every village, because as king i have enough resources and need CP from those buildings too :D


  • OMG how cute :thumbsup:

    thank you for these village pictures! Each one looks different but some rules are followed by everyone like the industry buildings in their own section and I like the High Class buildings in the City Center like it's the old part of town where the ancient houses are built.

    Right: Storage and flour preparation

    -> short ways for the workers there :thumbsup:

    Top: Military Ward: self explanatory; i've included the once hero mansion here as well.

    -> the hero lives with the other troops <3

    On the left side, near the gate (for faster acces for traders) I have the marketplace and between the warehouses and marketplace the trade office.

    -> makes sense 8)

  • My method is the Main Building, Residence, Embassy and Town Hall go in the inner circle. Then I start with the warehouse, granary, marketplace etc. and go anti-clockwise with resource-related buildings from the top left gate. Clockwise I go barracks, academy, etc. - military buildings. Quite similar to iribuya really.