Relocation offered no kings

  • Hi,

    My king recently abdicated his throne and I've been without a kingdom since. Yesterday a small button in the bottom left of my screen popped up and suggested that I relocate my village. When I clicked on it expecting two kings to choose from, it actually just gave me a message saying "No empty starting locations found near you. Please try again later." or something like that.

    Now that button has disappeared. I am a governor without a king and really need to relocate into another kingdom or I'm going to end up a farm really soon!

    Oh, and yes, I do fill all the criteria for relocation - single village, governor without a king, low population.


  • Hey Ta'veren,
    it looks like there weren't any available slots for you at the time, but as soon as there are some, they'll appear in the relocation pop-up window so please keep checking it once in a while

    Kind regards