Changelog 0.63

  • Dear players,
    A small update is coming up that contains mainly bug fixes


    • MBV: The layout of the list of kingdom villages in the mobile browser version has been updated to better fit with the kingdoms alliance merge.
    • Animation: There is a new small fish animation implemented in the water ring around a city or the river next to a village.

    Bug fixes:

    • Beginners’ protection: The beginners’ protection was removed when a player relocated during these first days of the game. This bug is now fixed and the beginners’ protection will stay in place.
    • Beginners’ protection of kings: When a duke becomes king, his beginners protection wasn't reduced to 1 day. It is now.
    • IGM: When writing a longer IGM, words used to get cut at the end of a line and break to the next line. This won't happen again. Words will be displayed completely on the next line.
    • A couple of minor bug fixes

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International