How does strength affect Hero adventures (HP loss)

  • Yes it does a lot in the beginning quests. Later you will need to have full strenght if you dont want to lose 20% health every adventure. The BEST armor to buy is one that reduces damage / adventure by X amount. Like the scale armor.

    It's pretty OP to be honest, because if you dont have it, you can only do 1 adventure every day or your hero will just die from 2 stupid adventures. And you're lucky to find any item since resources or "nothing" is often found.

    I think you should find a item every 5 adventures, so people without gold buying can find some nice items too. They say you get 1 item per 10 adventure, but this can also be a dumb looking glass or helmet of experience.

    So for short:
    YES, strenght affects hero HP loss. But mainly in the beginning days of a server.