What did my hero do during his adventure?

  • Do you also wonder what your hero did when he once again came home from an adventure and didn't find anything useful? Do you also get annoyed when he does this?

    Was he trying to catch butterflies, went for a long walk and fell asleep in the grass?

    Perhaps he found a piece of soap and took a bath?

    A simple "Your hero thought deeply about the meaning of life." would be better than no information at all.

    What do you think he did?

    Share your text ideas in this thread.

  • Just a crazy idea, why not say something like - Your hero was about to come back home with a bag full of resources when he met an old witch who promised him to predict his future in exchange for what he had with him.

    And make some variables with the funny predictions.
    Like -
    Beware of the robbers! They are planning an attack on you! Act fast and kill them as soon as they appear!
    Tomorrow will be a lucky day for you, plan wisely and the goddes of fortune will reward you!
    Settle your next village near the rock. The magic of the stones will protect your citizens.
    ...As soon as your hero gave resources to the witch, she immediately disappeared in the thin air with an evil laugh.
    The next person you talk will play a considerable role in your life.

    This way the empty adventure wouldn't be that empty + an additional entertainment for the players.

  • The path up the mountain was a steep climb, but iribuya knew she could make it to the top. She only left the capital for twenty minutes, but was already high up. There was stories of old cities in those cloudy tops of the seven mysterious mountains of the land. She remembered the chieftain talking about it once on a rainy day when the new batallion of clubswingers was being promoted to rank 18.

    Now she was looking for treasures and maybe some lost bandits who could be talked to and converted to fight for her kingdom. All of a sudden she saw a old piece of paper, it looked like a Big Map of 100%. All the little villages around the biggest mountains were on it. It was very easy to find her way home with it she tought, but before she picked it up a flock of birds flew up. It was a sign that rain might come again and she didn't want her new War-Horse to get sick so she waited under the trees while it started pooring down.

    All of a sudden the rain stopped, the clouds broke up and a full rainbow appeared in front of her and it seemed like all the kingdoms she could see down in the valley were in peace for a moment. While enjoying this moment she noticed the sun was getting low and that meant the Big Celebration was about to start. No time to look back for that Big Map 100% she might have spotted. This celebration was a important one, because all chiefs from around the kingdom would try to convince the neighbouring city to join her kingdom. There were parties planned in all mayor cities and she was supposed to be home in time to lead the assault.

    On the way back one of the farmers from Cropfield level 18 asked her if she found anything valuable, but she replied that all she gained was some experience and while saying that she hit her head on a low branch and also lost 15% health. It had been a long afternoon and the chieftain would not be happy about her lack of discoveries, but at least she didn't die this time.

  • I have spoken about this since alpha testing and again will state that the hero should always return with something.
    He/she is a hero and if I can step out my door and come back with at least some rocks or dirt, then the hero can come back
    with at least some bandages or resources.

    Let's do away with "NOTHING VALUABLE FOUND" 8o

  • [Adventure notice]
    Nothing valuable found,
    But atleast she loves you.
    HP -45 EXP +25 Affection+5


    [Adventure notice]
    Your hero found a Book of Wisdom!
    But unfortunately she dropped it while crossing a bridge.
    HP -45 EXP +25

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • Your hero attempted to tame a [adjective] [horse] but unfortunately his/her efforts didn't pay off

    [adjective]: wild, new, magnificent, stubborn, etc. etc
    [horse] Gelding, Thoroughbred, Warhorse

  • actually *hero name* come back with *random number* *troop name* but they encountered bandit in way back home.
    they are outnumbered *random number* *troop name* has been slain.

    health - *random number (1-25)*

  • On his adventure, The hero ( name will be good) met an old wise man. Who promised to share his wisdom/ experience with hero if hero fulfills his objective eg. save her daughter from robbers or help protecting his camp/house/village or help him to get back to his village.

    the message can be shown as the hero met an old man who asked for any thing ( given above) while doing that hero got an injury or lost some health.

    Or You can add an extra adventure point or choose an option when hero meets old man. e.g. rescue her daughter or others.

    I'm sure this will bring a new life in Hero's importance and the fun people get from using it.