List of "Special achievements"

  • As I cant find a list of Special achievements, I thought we could make a list of them.

    If you know one, and have interest in sharing it, I hope you would list it below...

    I could use some more : :thumbsup:

    DMT - just a big kid who love to have fun. ?(

  • Isnt cool @iribuya, people have to find it themself, and you dont have to share it in public forum.
    It's like talk about Santa Claus with children... grrrh

    I completely disagree.It's cool to share information between us and with new players so the game has a bigger pool of competent players.

    Otherwise it'll be only your group of 150 gold abusers ruining the fun of everyone and laughing upon us in disgraceful arrogance.

  • How are you ever going to randomly start building 20 crannies in a village?
    Would you ever have 10 granaries for a 1 million crop storage? NO

    The others ones are very easy to get and you will get them if you're just finish a whole server playing actively

    I wish there were more like these. With *name*:
    -Reinforce a player and then raid him 1 hour later and killing your own troops *Oops I didn't pay attention*
    -Send out the whole army 50k +)on a 8 hour long journey, to find out you've send them as reinforcements instead of attack *Well that was a useless long walk*
    -Completely destroy a village and make it disappear from the map *It was nice to be neighbours*
    -Have the same robber hideout attack you 5 times *I've had it with these motherfudging bandits in this motherfudging hideout*
    -Kill 10.000 scouts when counter-scouting *Nothing to see here*
    -Destroy 10.000 buliding levels *Heads'up*
    -Attack your own king and steal his treasures *My Precious*
    -Attack your own governor, getting him kicked and invite him back in your kingdom. All within 1 hour. *Oops, forgot my glasses*
    -Cage exactly 1 of each animal *Gotta catch them all*
    -Send hero 42.2 squares away as reinforcement *They should call a race after this*
    -Send army on a 24 hour (1 way) attack *Hope you packed breakfast/lunch and dinner*

    EDIT: some more :D
    -Hold non-stop Big Celebrations in village for 1 month *Someone called for a noise-complaint?*
    -Have 100 spider in your village and release them all at once *No one likes spiders*
    -Your hero dies while attacking an oasis with crocodiles and tigers *These animals are not ready for the circus*
    -Your hero dies twice in 24 hours on Friday 13th *I should have stayed in bed*
    -Get 10 personal messages on Valentines Day *Hope one of these is special*
    -Make an attack arrive 1 minute before a peace period starts or 1 minute after *No time for peace in this game*

  • I see 20 crannies (you could make 1 level 10 and the others level 1....) so you should have the achievement but I think it's only a question of time, be patient and it will arrive
    I hope the system doesn't give you the achievement because of the main building that I see outside.

  • Hi, before I had 19 crenies into the village and one outside, but since not any achievement appeared I tried to built the 20st inside the village, nothing happened again so I built all the crannies to level 10 for the same reason...nothing happened.

    So, I asked to the forum, and just discovered in another post that the system is slow to notify the achievment (means that I might have alredy got it without knowing it)

    Do you think I can built down all the crannies now? Thanks