How the hell...

  • That shouldn't be possible, even with proper planning the population is unreasonable. You start with 24 population (i think) a level 5 main building and a level 3 residence would already exceed the population of 30. Probably a bug or glitch :/

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  • Sigh, the anally retentive are at it, mind you most of us have a real life and this is a game and we don't need to be SO good just to feel good about ourselves. Time will tell whether this player is using a bot or has to spend all his money on gold just to maintain his position. This player is not the only one, there are other saddo's out there

  • The strategy the player is using is not very hard to pull off, there are step by step instructions in the thread linked earlier in the thread. It's just not very intuitive and seems impossible to do but actually involves just some cleaver building demolishing.
    That being said the real difficulty of this strategy is not in getting the first village but rather what you do afterwards. Using this strategy will leave your first village crippled with no culture or resource production and no troops leaving you vulnerable for anyone who rushes a lot of troops instead. Additionally you have to use some of the best early game quest rewards which means they aren't there when you start rebuilding. In fact you get so crippled that in my opinion the best idea is to just demolish your start village all together and focus all your efforts into your new village and re-settle near it.

    The upsides are of course that you get to choose the best cropper as your capital and you get easy completion on few of the quests, namely "all fields to 5" since your cropper only has one of each. Even then I would say the strategy is only viable if you intend to use NPC heavily in the new village to turn the massive crop surplus into usable resources.

    If someone does this near you, try to abuse his lack of troops with your hopefully much larger army.

  • @Polomium#GB this has nothing to do with being a sad gold user. With 50 gold you can do exactly that if you FOLLOW AND READ THE GUIDE. But most people screem unfair or cheat, it's a little exploity, but it's not cheating

    This is a game and if some saddo wants to exploit it with gold then fine, in my experience these types of players tend to use bots, I did not screem (sic) unfair, only pointed out what a sad individual they must be having to spend all that time stuck in their bedrooms, in the dark trying to get to the top. AND THERE IS NO NEED TO SHOUT I AM NOT FREAKING DEAF!

  • Hello Everyone

    Let's take a step back please as no reason to get excited over a guide and rushing to a second village.
    People play games for many reasons and not everyone is a sad sicko but you would be fooling yourself if some people do not get hooked
    playing various games. So both points are taken and let's leave it as it is so it does not escalate into something it should not be.


  • Can I also say that you don't have to absolutely follow the guide. If your first village is in a nice spot you can keep it; your second village doesn't have to be a 15-cropper; etc. Also you don't get something for nothing; however the main benefit is that you get to choose your second village spot rather than make do with what's left. Plus it's a strategy that you absolutely don't have to be a gold whale to follow.