Changelog 0.64

  • Dear players,

    Great changes are included in this new update. Governors will start without being part of a kingdom. Kings will receive tributes from governors within their sphere of influence only when these governors are part of a kingdom.

    And for the kings: the tribute screen is completely revised and offers not only more information but also the “Collect all” button you’ve all been waiting for.

    Here's the detailed changelog:


    • Governors start without being part of a kingdom. They have to be invited by a nearby king.
    • Since governors start without a kingdom, we've added a help screen to make it easier for them to contact nearby kings.
    • Tributes: The tribute screen has been totally overhauled. It is now more user-friendly, and guess what? A "Collect all" button will appear when you have 5 or more villages in your tribute list.
    • Tribute screen: The warehouse level and tool-tip is now part of the tribute screen.
    • Victory points: From now on, victory points can only be stolen from kings and dukes. When you attack a governor with treasures, you won't be able to steal victory points anymore. This change also includes all current game worlds.
    • Many of you wanted the old scout icons back. We've brought them back to make your wishes come true.
    • We've updated the texts in the tutorial to better suit the last changes to the game.
    • The relocation feature is now also explained in the in-game help. You can now read and find out exactly how it works directly in the game.

    Bug fixes:

    • Silver accounting: Silver received through daily quests and the starter package is now listed in the silver accounting screen.
    • Incorrect information shown: Dukes could see the old starting bonus when collecting tributes, but didn't receive it. This starting bonus is now no longer shown.
    • Some minor bug fixes

    Gather your troops and start playing,
    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

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    Travian Kingdoms International