How often do you use the Travian Kingdoms Wiki?

  • How often do you use the Travian Kingdoms Wiki? 31

    1. several times per week (17) 55%
    2. Once per week (7) 23%
    3. Once per month (4) 13%
    4. never (2) 6%
    5. Once per game round (1) 3%

    Dear players,

    we would like to know, how important the wiki is to you and how often you are using it. That is why I would like you to participate in this poll. You can change your vote, but you only are allowed to choose 1 answer.

    Thank you in advance!

    kind regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

    Community Communications Manager :)


  • I'm using the wiki pretty much a couple times per week, to look up building info especially about advanced levels and equipment information.

    It's quite useful =3

    Edit: The search function could improve in the wiki though.

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  • I use it very often, mostly to check different stats.

    That being said the wiki needs some work, some of the pages don't seem to exist in English or aren't properly linked so they are only visible in other languages.

  • I'm new here but being a wiki I presume it's player-produced content? Could there be incentives for accurately produced info to fill the gaps? Small quantities of gold would be a decent way to create a content-rich environment and give your player base a certain level of ownership.