Chiefing bug/error

  • Hello,

    so this morning we were supposed to chief a village of a kingdom we have been at war for 3 weeks, a formal war where both parties accepted the war invitation in the kingdom embassy. Now I knew about the bug that if an enemy village is inside your kingdom you can't chief it if you are the king until you attack it, but in this case:
    1. It was an enemy village
    2. We weren't the king
    3. We had been at war for 3+ weeks
    4. He denies tributes
    5. He is a DUKE of another kingdom!

    and this happened:

    So what happened happened, but please fix this, governors from the kingdom need this kind of protection not governors from other kingdoms who DENY the tributes.

    EDIT: Forgot "5."

  • Hey Mayo,
    could you please PM me game world and avatar names or send a ticket via our Help Center? We''ll look into it as soon as possible

    Best regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International