Being Farmed

  • is this game completely in-playable when you are being farmed? both my cities are constantly being farmed by one kingdom to the point when I never have enough resources to do anything. how the hell do you stop it? or do I just have to give up on that game world?

  • It's a difficult spot to be in for sure but not inescapable

    First of all lets think about the things the attacker is looking for when they attack you and how to prevent the attacker from getting them.

    Resources - this one is fairly obvious, the enemy is looking to steal your resources to make themselves stronger. Minimizing the amount of resources you give out is the #1 way to discourage being farmed. The two ways to achieve this are by keeping your resources low (by spending as much as you can to troops and buildings, especially before you log off for the day) and building a cranny to make some of your resources unavailable. The more active you can be the more resources you are able to spend as they come in and the less likely you are to lose lose resources to attackers. Getting a friend or two to sit your account might help by having more eyes on the account.

    Attack points - killing your troops gives the attacker attack points which are valued for the prestige of being the best attacker in the game. Protect your troops at all cost! If you are loosing troops you are doing something wrong. You should be building a lot of troops as per previous step but you also have to make sure they stay alive. Chicken boots can save some of your troops along with your hero so that is one way you can do this. You can also hide troops in oasis (doesn't have to be your own), long raids on inactive players or even friendly villages (ask the owner and provide crop) so be creative. Your troops are most vulnerable during the night so make sure you have a way to protect them when you log off.

    Your land - the most difficult kind of farming to deal with, these guys don't care about the previous 2 things but rather want to force you to quit so they can take your lands. If you snatch a good 15c you are often targeted by these players. Only thing you can do is have courage and be more stubborn than them. This is the hardest group to deal with as they often will resort to attacks that lose them more than they gain in an effort to force you out of the game.

    If you follow the 3 steps above you should be able to minimize the impact of being farmed on your account. Next are some things you can do to stop it all together.

    Diplomacy - most important thing!!!
    Most people aren't heartless and especially the first 2 types of farming can often times be stopped with a polite message to the person attacking you. Work on building up relations to strong players or kingdoms in your area as well, if your current king can't protect you maybe contact a neighboring stronger king and ask to join their team. Keep your options open, be polite and most things tend to work out.

    Spike your village - if a person is consistently sending farming raids to you with same amount of troops each time he is probably using a farm list. You can predict these attacks and defend them with appropriate troops. Lets say you are getting raided by 5 TT's every half and hour, send defenses (50 Phalanx/Spears/Legionaries), defend that attack wave and immediately retreat out of the village. This will cause annoying losses and if he scouts you afterwards the troops don't show up in the village. observe what he does and then spike his attacks again. Be careful since he will most likely try to clear your troops when you start doing this so protect your troops against all real attacks as best as you can. Only spike against waves you know what they contain. Some farmers will stop farming you immediately while others might try to scout and clear you few times before giving up, but some (especially the third type) can be stubborn.

    Defend your village - When you are confident you can stop his attacks entirely build a wall and call for your allies as well to defend your village. It's important that you don't waste your troops or waste resources on pointless wall levels (if they clear it with rams) before you and the players you are relying on can stop the attacks entirely.

    If you are a Gaul, trapper is also an excellent way to cause losses to the attacking forces and if you keep your village clear of resources they will eventually stop. For Romans and Teutons you have to rely on your troops and allies and wall if they aren't clearing it with rams. Remember your troops are your most important asset, only send them to defend attacks you are sure you can beat. Keep growing your strength until you are confident you can start spiking the raids and eventually stop them entirely.

    Minimize losses to yourself (especially to your troops) and maximize the losses to the farmers.

  • Yeah, as Curtain said, be really carefull when defending, be sure that you will win, if they destroy your army you will be on a really bad possition...

    Crany, Expend resources and be polite... there isn`t other way.

    Good luck!

  • Something that should have been said from the off:


    Or, as I like to put it, "Pop for show; troops for dough".

    That doesn't mean ignore expansion, but, at the end of the day, nicely developed villages with no troops are called 'farms'.

  • considering my 1 village has 10 people, I don't see how that counts as nicely developed.

    and when your soliders are killed every time because their army is way bigger then I can make with the resources left. yeah i'm fucked either way

  • Step1: Put Chicken boots --> Your troops will never be caught
    Step2: Make crannies that can cover the size of your warehouse --> You won't ever lose resources
    Step3: ????
    Step4: You won't be farmed anymore and you can start developing normally

  • kind of got an idea about that, as for the rest, i'm working on it.

    at the moment the farmers are getting no resources (apart from like 10-15 or each) and no troops defending them. so all I can do is hope they get the picture and leave.

    think they ignored the message after all