Treasures to other village

  • Hello,

    I got many treasures in my main village. I just joined a kingdom because i settled my 3rd village inside the kingdom.
    Is it possible to move my treasures from my main village to my 3rd village?

    Thanks in advance!

  • In your case, I do not see the point in moving treasures from 1st to 3rd village. As long as you are not a duke (I guess you are not since you were invited because of a 3rd village inside the kingdom) you have no benefit from these treasures.
    You better ask your king or one of the dukes to attack you and transfer the treasures to one of their village with an active treasury. This way your kingdom earn Victory Points.
    This is valid for treasures you steal from other players.
    Treasures you steal from Robbers Hideout/Camps are different.
    Remember to sell them in the 3rd village so you get crop for them also, and the kingdom get VP again