FAQ: Trade routes

  • Hello TK players!
    I noticed that a lot of players can not understand how to set trade routes. Here I'll try to introduce full instruction.
    Notice: you can use trade routes only with Travian Plus.

    So what looks like the trade route settings window:

    Here, in order:
    1. Amount of resources to deliver
    2. Destination
    3. Timeline

    A few words about Merchant schedule:
    It is full day. So as you can see in picture, merchants will deliver resources at 3 a.m., 1 p.m., and 10 p.m.

    And I think it is much easier to understand with example.

    Here we go:

    Okay, we have finished fields development in village and now we have certain amount of resources produced per hour in the village:

    As trade routes are configured with an hourly interval, so we should empty the warehouse and granary every hour.
    First of all we should calculate how much merchants we need for delivering all resources to other village:
    TM = TR/MR
    Where TR = Total amount of resources production
    TM = total amount of merchants
    MR = roominess of merchant

    Next step: we should calculate the required level of the market. For this we should know how long it takes to deliver.
    Do not forget: merchants should come back before they can go again.
    So when merchants need less then 30 minutes, you can use all 20.
    30-60 minutes only 10.

    But we have another tricks: Repetitions.
    You can use repetitions when target village closer then 15 minutes for 2 repetitions and
    3 repetitions when closer then 10 minutes

    The expected result:

    Other situation:

    Thx for reading, hope this material is useful.