• I seem to be having a very frustrating bug on com2.

    "An error has occurred whilst loading "fenster-js.js". Please reload the page. If the problem persists, please contact our game support."

    This shows up, then the loading screen gets stuck at 50%, which I have to refresh several times before it loads properly.
    After this, usually, the map won't load and it is completely full of blue squares, like the kings all over the map. When I open my village, none of the images load. The only way this seems to resolve is after time?
    The game also frequently has connectivity issues and says I am disconnected even when my internet is completely fine and everything else I am using the internet for is working. This also results in me having to mash F5 for it to load properly.

    I am sure this has been an issue before on comx3 and i thought it had been resolved. :thumbdown::cursing:X(