Change regarding the Town Hall quest

  • Most of the experienced players know that there is a quest that rewards you with 800 culture points upon the construction of town hall. I would also argue that most experienced players agree that this quest is best used to speed up settling your second village. My problem with the quest is that is it only appears on the quest list after your second village is already settled. This of course isn't a problem for experienced players who know that you can just build the thing and still complete the quest even when it's not showing up. The issue however will negatively impact new players.

    If a new player isn't aware of the ability to gain 800 culture from building town hall they will often times struggle settling the first village. Either he waits for the 1000 culture to generate from his buildings (which takes quite long) or even worse he might build settlers thinking he is ready to settle but then get stuck to this phase for several days. I have run into this issue many times myself when helping newer players out so I think it warrants a change.

    I feel the quest system should be as clear as possible since it largely serves the function of an advanced tutorial for the game hence I propose the following fix:
    The Town hall quest should be unlocked as soon as you complete the "Residence to lvl 5" quest. Additionally the texts of the quests "Construct a Town Hall" and "Train 3 settlers" should be adjusted accordingly, instructing players that they need both the culture and the settlers to create their second village.

    What do you guys think of this suggestion?
    Regards: Curtain

  • I think it's time to revisit this thread, I don't normally bump by own post but seeing this issue is still in the game I feel it's worth to come back to this one.

    If I remember correctly this thread was made in spring when the previous round of Com 2 had just started. More importantly it was made as a direct response to the amount of new (and sometimes even bit more experienced or even T4 veterans) players asking me or my friends directly or trough the beginner chats how to settle new village so fast. I feel lot of newer players get lost in this particular quest while most of us old timers are using the town hall to skip the wait for the first culture slot.

    Now the new iteration of Com 2 has been going on for a few days and I'm being faced by the same problem yet again (same issue on the few servers that started between these posts as well). Lost of new players wondering how the culture and settling mechanics work and how to proceed towards the second village.

    Don't get me wrong, I love helping people out and I firmly believe in information being accessible and available, I just feel like this is one of those things that could make the new player experience a lot better with very little effort from the developer side. Simply switch up the quest structure a bit and adjust some of the quest texts to match. I get that this might not be the top priority of devs and it certainly isn't on top of my personal wish list but I feel like this is an easy to solve issue that shouldn't exist in the first place.

    Would appreciate dev or other players opinions like always :D
    Regards: Curtain