Beginner's Guide - First week as Gaul

  • I have problems do defeat the robber hideouts! I lose so many troupes only to clean them. I make barely profit with them today i lost 2000 resources and gained about 3500.

    I also don't know how much i should focus on troupes or buildings... While troupes are doing nothing buildings produce smth, but i also don't want to leave my settlement defenseless!

    I also didn't make it to the second village so fast, I have way to less ressource income. While 1 settler costs 10k ressources which makes 3*10k = 30k ressources. I have only an income of 1270 ressourses/h with all lvl 7 fields. that makes 24 hours only to get all the resources for the settlers.

  • @enjoymrban#EN

    For robbers there isn't any set number. So long as you are making a profit you should be ok (make sure to count the resource you get from the stolen goods as well), swordsmen are pretty efficient at clearing hideouts so you should just build them until you are comfortable with the number of losses, adding a hero to the raiding party will also help but don't use the phalanx to attack the robbers. I was using less than 50 swords and my hero to clear out the hideouts in this guide (I trained up the swords first and then made some phalanx before exiting beginners protection) but you will of course want increasingly more as time passes.

    It will be tough times with robbers untill you build your force up to 1000 swords, after that you can add a ram and use the siege mode which makes your clearing much more effective.

    >Troops vs buildings
    While the units have no immediate return to them, you can use them to clear out the robbers and the faster and with fewer losses you do it then more profit you get. Additionally while a field will indeed increase your income it will also be a significant investment upfront and takes few days to pay itself back. If you aren't certain on what's best for you, try to keep things in balance, build some units every day (especially scouts) and invest the other resources into your buildings and fields. It also depends on your situation in the game, if you feel your kingdom is strong then making bit less defense and more buildings should be ok and if your kingdom doesn't look too good getting some units out should be bigger priority.

    As a gaul you don't have to worry too much about your defense as most people will be highly discouraged from attacking you because of the trapper and your cranny capacity is bigger if you do get raided. Units will of course still be needed but you aren't in such immediate danger as romans and teutons. Make sure to build enough scouts so you aren't easy pickings though.

    >Second village timing.
    Settlers are indeed pretty expensive but there are lot of quests to help you out. Don't worry though, with adventures (which can give resources) and killing robbers the wait for the resources most likely won't be quite 24h and once you do get your 3rd settler built you get a quest reward that is about the price of the last settler + another reward for actually settling a new village. The new village itself will help a lot as well so building the settlers is definitely worth it. You can also use the second village if you need to switch kingdoms should your current king be inactive for example.

    On the topic of field payouts In this guide I recommended lvl 5 fields while you went up to lvl 7's which gives much better income but you also had to pay for the fields as well. It's not a bad strategy though you simply trade some time on the second village for better starter village. The cost of upgrading a woodcutter from lvl 5 to lvl 7 is about 8700 resources while the production increase is about 40 to 45 depending on your oasis. That means it takes 8 days for this field to pay off it's build cost (though this improves as you unlock the sawmill building and improve your oasis bonuses and the quest rewards could also be subtracted out making for about 5 day payoff time).

  • Thank you for your prompt response!

    I do have another question tho, i've now settled me second village now i'm questioning what i should do. I know that i will be defense already. However; now that i have the settlement i don't know should i stop working on my first village and boost my second with all the resources the first one produces (apart from troupe production) or should i keep building up my first one, which then consumes most of the resources?

  • There is no correct answer which suits anyone and all circumstances - it really depends.

    Generally it's good to build up your production base as quickly as possible. Yet you need to secure your production base as well - no point in building up anything which then is taken or destroyed by the enemy short time later.

  • Work through the quests as much as possible, you are probably nearer getting these rewards in your 1st village.

    I would start to build up Main Building in your 2nd (and storage capacity for that) but keep developing your fields in your 1st as much as possible :)

  • Regarding cities I recommend this kind of a build:
    start -> settle 2nd village -> settle 3rd village -> upgrade your capital (which can be your starter or your 2nd village if you choose a cropper for example) to a city -> settle more villages until the game ends

    Ideally you don't need more cities than your capital as 2 normal villages are superior than 1 city that being said you might want more cities than just that if the conditions are right.

    You should always city:
    Croppers (9c or 15c) tiles
    Villages you use to build offense
    Treasury villages

    Additionally you can city:
    Villages you think might be chiefed (chiefing a city takes 2 slots and cities have 200 loyalty making them lot harder to chief)
    Villages that you need extra defense in (waterditch)

    You also might want to city:
    If your kingdom has no more free tiles to build more villages in
    If you have a particularly good tile (3/4/5/6 with 75% iron for romans for example) and there are no similar tiles while you still need more of that one resource (only necessary for people who don't use gold, gold users can just use the NPC)

    In a normal game I usually end up with 2-3 cities (my capital and one or two additional cities I use to block enemy chiefs or for some other reason like having another cropper village) and as many villages as I can build

  • Honestly I do not play speed so I can't promise anything regarding speed.
    That being said most of the build should work for speed servers as well

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  • I am not sure about the City thing. Yes, 500 CP are nice boost in the early stage, but CP cost later grow very strongly, so they can be neglected pretty soon. A village gives you some 300-500 CP plus again that much and more if you have enough ress for festivals. Also, two times lvl 1-10 fields are less expansive and more productive than one time 1-12.

  • there are some occasions when it's better to have a city though, even if they do cost more.

    any important village can benefit from having the 30% extra defense bonus when the water ditch is applied (so any place that is going to get a lot of incomings should be a city)

    also having the right oases can give good boost to production on L12 fields
    (e.g. a 3456 village with 2 x 25% iron Oases will give you around 2k more iron p/h)

  • I hope you liked the guide, comment or ask questions below, if needed I will add more stuff here later as well

    Regards: Curtain

    Very nice guide was super helpfull tyvm for your time to do this ! :)