Rally Point 2.0 - We want your ideas!

  • It's an idea with potential, but I can't bring myself to embrace it. Indeed, if the unit transport limit changes, it would unbalance the very potential of the troops. Let me explain:

    A soldier carrying 50 resources will reach 70.

    A soldier carrying 25 resources will reach 45.

    The second increases from 50% of the transport capacity of the first to 65%.

  • Imperatoris Carry Capacity: 100
    +1.5 on level 2? Rally Point would give 101.5 carry cappacity.
    Is it possible to calculate unReal numbers like 0.5 plus 0.5 equals 1?
    Anyway... level 20 would give 30 percent which gives 130 max cappacity per Imperatoris or max carry capacity 4000 for Settlers.

    Most used farm unit Club would on max level have plus 30 percent carry capacity which equals 80 carry cappacity.

    And more farmlish units are, less bonus they get. Preatorian with carry capacity of 20 would on max Rally Point have only 26 carry capacity, which is not much of improvment so no disbalance?

    on lvl 10 rally point (which is most used most of the game) percentage would be only 15 percent, which equals plus 15 carry for imperatoris, 9 for Clubs. Not owerpowered I think. Thunders 90+13=103 carry. Like imperatoris. Cool

  • set a limit on the number of participants in the kingdom

    for example in one kingdom 30 people

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