Before/After tributes window changes

  • Dear players,

    you wanted it changed, we did so: The new tribute windows got improved after receiving your feedback!

    Check them out and tell us what you think!


    Basically, the order of the tables changed. The tribute collection is now on top and the player invitations at the bottom.

    Furthermore, you can see now on first glance when a player denies to pay his tributes. Even before granting protection!

    If you invite an independent governor to your kingdom, you can now collect tributes right away, even before he reacts to your offer.

    Dukes can now grant protection to foreign governors as well, if they have the most influence on them.

    Own villages (deny tributes)

    For your own villages, the tribute overview table got also improved. We changed the columns order of the table and instead of your avatar, you will see the king who or duke who will receive the tributes you are paying (or denying).

    What do you think of these changes? Do you prefer the new version? What changes do you like the most?

    Give us your honest feedback and thank you in advance!

    kind regards,

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team

  • The new version is a step in the right direction. Sorting by distance is a very good feature and to see how much treasures are in the tributes is also very helpful but ...

    i'm still missing this overview ... i know, the bars but the old way was much clearer in my opionion :(

  • I've made a thread about a suggestion about this, which is to allow the governors to take the tribute resources for themselves when they deny it and it passes a certain treshold farther beyond than an outside King/Duke can collect it which isn't in your Kingdom.

    The post was edited 2 times, last by Meadow: Edited kingdom part. ().

  • +1 on the distance sort and the names of the players as well. I also appreciate the order change so the 15 abandoned villages don't clutter the tribute screen at the top.

    I'm also very interested where the collect all button went? Hopefully to the top of the governor list.


    I don't agree on that, denying tributes should be a thing you do out of special circumstances like having a village inside a hostile kingdom or something like that. It absolutely shouldn't be optimal for a governor to keep tributes denied. If that change would be added Kings would be absolutely destroyed in their resource income as there would essentially be no reason to not have your tributes denied as a governor. You already can collect your own tributes which requires you to attack yourself which at least creates some risk to the governor.

  • Hello :)

    thank you all for your feedback!

    i'm still missing this overview

    It is now in the tooltip:

    The more divisions the tribute bar has, the more you will receive since they stand for the level of the warehouse.

    As @FabianF mentioned, of course, the Collect All button will be displayed after you have 5 or more tribute village in one of the lists. You all wished for this button for so long, it will not disappear now ;) but it will still be at the bottom of the list so that you can have a chance to scroll through it and get a feeling for the amount of tributes you'll get and about how many tributes are denied.

    +1 on the distance sort and the names of the players as well. I also appreciate the order change so the 15 abandoned villages don't clutter the tribute screen at the top.

    thank you @Curtain for the nice words.

  • One more change I (and probably many others) would like to see is a 'collect all in influence' button, which would only collect from all villages in the influence of the village you're collecting in

    ^ this by grouping villages for each treasury they belong to and under every group a collect all button