The new statistic windows

  • This new features will motivate a player to play more because he can track his own progress with other players. :thumbsup:
    Will be a very nice change.

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • it would be also nice if you could filter in statistics on tribe, kingdom and such.

    but idk if ill like the new layout of the statistics :) i preffer it simple and all those pretty eye-pleasers arnt needed for me

  • but idk if ill like the new layout of the statistics :) i preffer it simple and all those pretty eye-pleasers arnt needed for me

    i feel the same... the simple version was fine. The new version shows a bit more information but yeah... i don't think that it's that important to show the avatar profile picture in every 2nd window. I'm a bit worried by the trend to get flooded by this totally useless pictures in tribute screen and here again :(

  • I dont mind the new look, as long as it stays quick to use. Please remove the "chat" button, because high king and players already get too much fanmail (or maybe that's just me ;)

  • Good to finally be able to see the alliance a person belongs to. I wish it was possible to completely hide the avatars from everywhere in the game. I never need to see that thing honestly :D

  • In the weekly top 10 you can no longer see your weekly stats below the top 10 of each category. That's a bummer... It would be awesome if you could make a separate page in the statistic showing your own stats and mayby own weekly stats, I don't know. Anyway, aside of that, the new interface is great!

  • I am not a fan either, the kingdoms changes are nice, but player wise it's pretty bad. I have no use to have half the statistics screen used by the top 3 players, nor the average is useful..
    Like, great for them but I really can't care less x) And writing TROOPS KILLED 999999 is a bit overkill, I mean, we all know where off points come from.

  • I dont like it
    -too much distracting colours and info
    -You can click on the avatars of players past top 3, but top 3 players you can't click on avatars to go directly to profile
    -If you keep it this way @ attacker, overview, defender, hero at least let us see right away what tribe they are playing

    Also, in TEST i'm a 100% boring player. I ONLY kill robbers and at the moment i'm #37 attacker and my hero is #21. This is 100% silly, because I literally didn't kill a single other players troops, except for a little deffing.

    Hideouts are nice for xp and resources, but it completely destroys a real picture of off players. A king with the same kills as me must be VERY agressive, because he doesn't get off points and a governor that's below me in off or hero, must be very inactive or have no army if I can be so high with just killing robbers.