The new statistic windows

  • Thats why i asked if npc kills counts travian is a war game after all not a npc game nor simcity.

    In my opinion this is now a very important time for travian kingdom. If you dont put much into the new system and rules and changes you will lose a lot of players.


  • The hero tab now is meaning less, you can see only the level of the hero, you need to hover with your mouse to see more infos, aka his experience.. more work to have the same result and the statistics from a week to another are really useless.. seeing all info right away was better, if you want to keep the weekly changes do it like you did with the VPs. Using half the window to show 3 numbers is really a waste of space and useless.

  • Top 20 hero's in TEST, but this is all I do. EXTREME ATTACKER :D
    Please developers I'm a noob in attacking, but people think i'm some sick player that uses his army a lot. I do, but only on boring robbers and it's not fair to hardworking kings and dukes gaining off points from REAL battles.

  • Totally agree.
    Robbers false real stats, and overboost heroes. A good player can be top 20 offensive without attack any people. Just clear robbers.

    And totally agree about the new stats graphism and informationScreenshot_2.png
    New information are useless or not important. Top 3 ? why ? it's useless.

    Population average ? why ? useless things. (or add it on "world" if you really like it)

    I think this new is cool, but need kingdom link ( or button) + succes stars. (and delete it from the stats)

    I dont talk about the excel tabler " kingdom vp"

    I think travian have to add a new weekly top 10 for player: Treasures (for all actives robber cleaners, and aggressivs players)

    And add 2 news for kingdom: vp weekly and treasures. (for same reason, you added it to global stats, but it's not the place)
    I propose to delete new weekly stats from general stats, to let space to: vp / player and treasures / player.

    I propose to add: stats / tribe
    But gameplay changes are more important, design is not the priority, for me.


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