Changelog 0.67

  • Dear players,

    This update introduces the new statistics windows. You’ll now see the top 3 players at first glance, get more information while hovering over a player on the list and the changes to last week are more prominent than before.

    • Statistics: The statistics windows have been overhauled. The top 3 players in the lists are now more highly recognized. Look for yourself and tell us what you think! Check out the blog entry and forum discussion
    • Animations: Buttons are now animated in the game.

    Bug fixes:

    • The very first robber hideouts at the end of the tutorial sometimes spawned in a land far, far away and were impossible to attack. They are now bound to camp next to your starting village every time you start a new game round.
    • When abdicating as king, a king quest was still visible in the quest book. It will now disappear with the others as soon as you abdicate.
    • When a governor conquered a village with an active treasury, they were able to keep it active. The treasury will now become inactive as soon as the village is conquered.
    • WW: When scouting a wonder of the world owned by another kingdom, the Natarian wall was still a mystery. These walls now appear like any other defense buildings in a successful scouting report.
    • It was possible to invite friends to play Kingdoms and reap the in-game rewards even if these friends were already playing the game. This is no longer possible. The rewards for inviting friends will only work when new players are invited.
    • Several minor bug fixes

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