• Since theres Kings, naturally there should be Queens. So I think another position should be implemented within a kingdom and this is the Queen. I don't have any idea on what this role could provide but I think it is a good start in spreading power and creating depth within the kingdom system.

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  • I like where you are going with this, back on the old TL we could assign positions to alliance members right on the front page of our alliance and give differnt players different roles, if we could do that here that would be awesome.

    If we must keep it in the "Kingdoms" style of things then it can be like so:

    etc etc.

  • I suggested new roles in another thread, without putting names to them at the time. I'll flesh them out here.

    General - Coordinates attacks; can see all Kingdom attack and raid reports on villages/cities
    Cardinal - Coordinates all defence; can see all Kingdom defence reports
    Chancellor - Coordinates trading; can see all Kingdom resources and trade routes (too many trading reports)
    Spymaster - Coordinates Scouting; can see all Kingdom Scout reports on villages/cities

    These roles would be restricted to Governors and would carry some sort of 'stipend'.

  • Good list of roles, but i think the roles should have quotas and fixed permissions. Unlike how you were able to assign everyone roles and all permissions in TL.

    Yes exactly, TL had a bunch of noobs who over abused it and just made everyone have some useless title or the guys who were actually good who just made everyone have a funny title because why not lol.

    If these roles had actual fixed permissions like Dukes and Kings already have, except they stay governors, that would be the best outcome