Hotkeys for village navigation and quicker managing

  • I would like to be quicker with village navigation. I'm lazy to use my mouse all the time and want to just be able to keyboard quick go everywhere.

    Press ALT+B for baracks
    Press CTRL+M for marketplace
    While in stables Press CTRL+3 to queue CS
    While in townhall Press Shift+B for big party
    ALT+D for next village

    I have no idea if this is possible, but it would make the game easier to play for "pro's"

  • To be honest, i'm used to clicking in travian and therefor probably wouldn't use the hotkeys anyway... or at least it would take some time.

    But on the other hand, it would be a great way to avoid searching for building x in conquered villages. Your idea is good, but in any case the hotkeys have to be configurable and i would rather want the relocate feature :D

  • Hotkeys for village switching would be nice for good deff accounts. But the time improvement is very limited right now, since the most of the time I need for switching villages is waiting for the freeze to be over. -.-
    Bot for buildings sure, why not, as long as they don't accidentally trigger when writing an IGM I'm fine and always happy about quicker navigation methods.

    Best regards,