Changelog 0.68

  • Dear Players,
    This time, we listened again to your feedback and improved the training tool tips on the top left of the screen. When you get help defending your village, you can now insert more than 1 hero into the defender and supporter troop fields of the combat simulator.

    You can expect the update in the TEST game world today at 2:00 pm with a very short downtime. The rest of game worlds will be updated next week.

    - Improvements

    • Great Barracks and Great Stable: When you train troops in the great barracks or in the great stable, these troops are now also shown in the tool tip on the top left.

    - Bug fixes

    • Combat simulator: When entering 2 or more heroes into the defense fields in the combat simulator, the calculation only counted 1 hero. Now, all inserted heroes will be part of the calculation result so that it will be easier to see what impact a helping hero has in defending your village.
    • Robber Camps: When there are only resources left in a robber camp but no troops, the resources started to attack your main village! (Or maybe ghosts?) In any case, this won't happen anymore.
    • When your hero healed some of your own troops while helping another player defending his village, the wording in the battle report was confusing. This is updated now.
    • Several minor bug fixes and performance improvement