Roman Def/Mixed guide

  • I agree on losing all your robber offence would be a pain, and the infantry defence is more useful. Weird how little difference it makes.

    Do you know what factors affect robber army size? I heard somewhere it was overall attack strength. If so then having the legionnaires would increase size of robber army... and resources/ treasures gained?

  • Strength: Two factors are account production and total attack strength of all units (including def units). But I don't know whether those are all factors and also I don't know how exactly it is determined. Note, that the defense strength is determined and units are generated accordingly. This is the reason, why there are often so many clubs/scouts.

    Resource bounty: One factor are the losses from the last hideout, but again, I don't know if that's all and how the relationship is.

    Treasure bounty: No idea

  • I actually right now play a Hybrid Roman account, and I love it so far!

    I make Legios and EC in the main village, and prets in all other villages. The off, as compared to the standard Imp/EC off, has roughly 90% of the attack strength, and especially versus Natars that attack the WW, Legios are as strong as Pretorians (Natar army is very horse-heavy). Adding 24/7 catapult queue, I will have a nice cat hammer for end game, a good support deff for the WW and many pretorians in all my other villages to defend my kingdom. Needless to say the Legios will only be used for kingdom defence in a dire situation, else they are used for robbers (together with my EC), defending the WW and a final blow to our enemies.

    I will tell how it went after the server is over! :-D

    So I need to disagree to Be2-e4, it is quite doable and fun!

  • That is gross

  • So I need to disagree to Be2-e4, it is quite doable and fun!

    Of course, one _can_ do it, but one _shouldn't_, if one wants to be efficient. If you use your hammer as defense, you'll ruin the training time, if you use it offensely only, imperians would be better in terms of fs/time and crop/fs. Might be fun for you, I don't doubt it, but it doesn't mean it's good or worth to recommend.

  • Well, one needs to ask himself what a game is for. Isn't it to have fun? And then the question arises, what creates fun? I am rather sure it is a mixture of being successfull and at the same time having some variance. Trying out a new song on your guitare is fun the first few times, because you want to do it well. At some point, you know how to play it and enjoy the success. After some while, however, it becomse dull and you look for something new.

    I never said a Hybrid Roman is the best possible power build, but it is rather doable, not as bad as one might think and still lots of fun! I think the Legionnaire is a very underestimated unit, and I wanted to give it a try. Since most of fs for a Roman comes from horses, the difference in fs/time and even fs/crop is not so very severe. Like I said, roughly 92% fs/time, and 88% of fs/crop as compared to an Imp/EC build. Compared to an Imp/EI build, it is 97% and 88%. Not that much of a difference, actually!

  • Yes, YOU can have fun with whatever you want, nobody wants to stop you from that. But new people who ask for guides and ask how to do stuff well, well, we'll not help them by proposing them to do things like legio offs or def with their hammers. Don't you think it's the best to teach them the best (in terms of effectiveness) way first, before they troll hard to have fun - if that's what is fun for them in the first place?

  • As any other online game where you play with a team, you can have all the fun you want as long as you do not affect others, just dont go around saying that you have a big hammer when it's a legio one... maybe it's big on size, but not in damage, it's just not an effective way to play, i rather keep the legos for deff that losing them to an enemy wall :P