Where are the Novice/Advanced guides for Off+Raid Teuton , Raid Gaul, Off Roman, etc in TK??

  • So when I started Travian in T4.4, I was awfully addicted to those Forum posts where the top players had made extensive advanced/novice beginner guides for Travian legends. Most of my technique in village development, Farming technique, off tactics had come from there.

    What I notice in Travian kingdoms is a lot of noobieness all over the place. Not many understand the concept of having good seige weapons in hammers and I would not blame them for that. They were simply not guided well. I think the kings should really take initiative to educate govs/newbies on how the game is to be played. I have been lucky in that aspect .. I played with some of the most veteran players in T4 world. So what would really help in this domain is to have Fairly advanced Forum posts on how to become a Good Farmer, good deff player, off player and techniques of Crop locking, VP mechanics, etc .. I am a relatively new player in the TK domain. Only 2 servers old and I feel an ever increasing noobness quotient everywhere. So, TK veterans, please step up and support the newbies in TK to learn to play like a BOSS ;)

    Maybe thats the best TK asset ever!! Coz those guides were sort of like milestones to achieve and they gave me something to strive for. One of the only such post I saw was the 24 hr settling Post and just look at the attention its got!! So the need is REAL !!!