While hovering over appointed oasis, see little stars for how much influence you have

  • Hi,

    It would be nice if you can quickly see how much influence (what bonus you get) you hover over an oasis. Especially in the beginning of a server oasis bonus' changes a lot and lategame you have so many you might miss a couple percentages without noticing.
    If you can make a little star system with 1-5 stars while you hover over an oasis in this little red square that would safe another click, and we all know how expensive clicks are getting these days ;)


  • Hi iribuya,

    i like your idea, but regarding the positioning i would suggest to put the ranking in the position of the "tilename"-Slot. I'm pretty sure there are languages with far longer words for "oasis" and the coordinates could theoretically grow endlessly.
    To drop the "tilename" shouldn't be an issue in this case, since you should know that it's an oasis if you have influence :P