Relocating 15-Croppers

  • Hey Travians,

    as you might have noticed, some players have recently been employing the strategy of settling very fast (including the destruction of their starting village) to grab a 15-cropper, and then relocating that tile from the outback into the middle of a kingdom.

    Now, they have to make some sacrifices in the process, so it's definitely not a clear-cut exploit and there are different opinions on this. On the one hand it's an additional, potentially challenging way to play for experienced players. On the other hand it might seem somewhat counter-intuitive that the 15c tiles you marked in the beginning of the round are suddenly replaced by regular 4446 tiles.

    Of course we could disallow relocation of 15c (and potentially also 9c) tiles in general, but is that restriction of player freedom really necessary? Would it improve the game overall?

    What's your take on this?

  • To be honest, i think switching cropper with 4446 tiles is a very heavy modification of the mapdata that shouldn't be in the game. In my opinion disallowing it is no "restriction of player freedom" but a necessity to preserve map consistency and giving player planning reliability.

    Regarding the current "solution":
    Even if the possibility of being offered a position near your allys with decent oasis is very low or even more especially because of this excat luck dependency, i'm no fan of this "feature"

  • I have used the fast settling method myself to settle a 15c, although I did get options to relocate my 15c once I had destroyed my initial village I did not take them. I feel that the fast settling method coupled with resettling a 15c in a more favourable position is definitely beyond what is intended with that feature.

    I think to continue allowing this would go further towards alienating more players as a lot feel the fast settling method to be beyond what should be allowed.

  • I think the relocation feature should just be disabled when you have settled your second village even if you go back to just one village. Fast settling is really clever and I like it as a an option but being able to relocate the 15C to both higher oasis % and strategically better location seems excessive.
    Settling already serves the purpose of relocation function I don't see why players should get the option to do both by using this strategy.

  • I think the relocation feature should be disabled when a player have settled second village.

    ...и разбавится кровь твоя водой, чтобы не чувствовать ни боли, ни усталости... и разорвут плоть твою корни деревьев и трав, чтоб быть единым с землёй... и выпотрошит душу твою жгучий ветер...

  • Its still unfair, I saw someone relocated a 25% 15c into a 150% crop oasis.
    I believe no player will accept that kind of tactic/cheat.

    Else you balance the whole map of the game into even oasis for all and even croppers for all in the same random tile in every quadrant.
    Means all 15c/9c in the random tiles in the map will always have 150% crop oasis around it. Only difference will be how far those crop oasis from the 15c/9c which makes some difference in the bonus.

    "You can do a hundreds of good deeds but everyone will remember the 1 mistake you will do."

  • While one need not necessarily restrict relocating the 2nd village (if the 1st gets destroyed for whatever reason), the tile should not move - only the village should.

    As that's difficult with the changes to the fields, I think the best solution is to disallow relocation once you settled once. Or disallow relocation from another village other than your starting village.

  • i think if you can settle in 24 hours for a c15 you should be able to move that village because it makes the game more dynamic and more complex, yes it will seem unfair for regular people but it will be hard for a meta to actually use the system and move their c15 to a better spot/kingdom - not impossible but their kings/dukes must sacrifice a lot ,

    + if you are very developed ... at least above 20% in ranking in a category you can't move that village the system doesn't find you a better spot just doesn't i'm waiting for a week to find me a new place and have no options
    one way around this problem would be to just make more c15, free or Natarian

    and in the end i'd like to say that this system is perfect for lone wolfs who make the game fun, please don't stop the fun way of kingdoms to reinvent Travian, if players like a more conservative approach they should play Legends

  • I think it's fine that you are allowed to relocate a 15c, it's an option that's open to every player on the server & doesn't take a lot of skill to grab 2nd village in 24hours (so very fair)
    I see it as a solution to the problem of trying to get all your starting team inside smaller borders with the restrictions there are now on kingdom sizes.
    (btw when i say starting team, i mean 30-40 players not a meta style of play, I am ok with the kingdom restrictions) :)

    from another angle .... I once relocated a cropper right across the world and back again, it was fun and to do and just having a cropper meant I had decent troop numbers too

  • This is still a problem.
    0 prestige (assumed multi accounts) are fast settling croppers, deleting spawn village, and then coincidentally relocating near a top player, and then deleting, bringing a nice cropper to their doorstep.

    How about only allowing relocation of matching tiles?
    15c can only relocate to another 15c
    9c -> 9c

    You can even go as far to make sure the relocation has matching oasis bonus %'s so no benefit for multi-account.

  • Hey guys
    all your feedback was forwarded to the game center and will be considered. I agree with you that something has to be done to prevent such abuses of the game mechanics and will update you as soon as we have more information

    Kind regards

  • Possibly an alternative suggestion. Inactive Capitals no longer disappear from the map. This would put paid to the multi-account shenanigans without preventing genuine cropper moves.

    So instead of them settling to their own areas, they make 30 multis on your kingdom and have those stay inactive with 0 pop so you can't even raid them or get tributes.

  • So instead of them settling to their own areas, they make 30 multis on your kingdom and have those stay inactive with 0 pop so you can't even raid them or get tributes.

    You're right. I can think of ways around the issue you suggested (e.g. allow the catting down of capitals, but if so reset fields to 4/4/4/6), but it would start to get too complex and probably have unintended consequences.

    It shows how hard it is to stop abuse by multi accounters if you can't/won't punish them appropriately.