Relocating 15-Croppers

  • Idea with managing your own resources sounds really interesting. Some might think that it will loose the competitive edge, but I believe just the opposite. Imagine this:

    - All the resource fields will stay the same as it is right now. I mean the starting locations of MCs and all the variations of resource fields like 3546 etc.
    - New building will be added to the game (call it as you like), but to actually build it, it will have a high requirements, like all the fields to lvl 10 for example.
    - Once you build it, you will be able to change 1 field to something else. That number will increase by the level of building. Total number of fields you would be able to change shouldn't exceed 5 or 6. To keep MC15 still a unique property.
    - That way the early game will bring even more options for future building strategies and will keep the current ones still available.
    - People will be able to adjust their economy more properly
    - Oases will bring much higher meaning to both early and late game. Who the hell cares about oases in late game besides your capital ones right now? It has just a really little meaning, but imagine that you will be building clay farms, wood farms, iron farms. Setting up proper distribution to all the villages as needed etc. It will just bring a totally new ways of infrastructure development.
    - TK team might think that adjusting resource fields will mean lower use of gold for NPC. Again opposite is just the right. The biggest gold users are the ones who try-hard. This will bring so many new opportunities to build single resource oriented villages (as it is right now with MCs), that in the end they will use NPC even more. But the best thing is that it will benefit also non-gold users or low-gold users + there will be a much bigger use of trading routes.

    Overall I cant think of a single negative aspect that this would bring if balanced properly. If there is anything please share it :)

  • Thank you all for your open words and suggestions about this topic.

    The majority of players thinks, it is too much of an advantage to keep the 15cropper after a relocation. Also, the map is not balanced out anymore.

    We are currently working on a revamp of the relocation feature and went over all your ideas posted here and forwarded by the local Community Managers. You will recognize some of them in the outcome, even though they are changed up a bit. Also, we are going to include another long wished for feature I am not mentioning yet which one. I hope, you will like the end result.

    Since these changes are affecting the game play immensly, we are not going to roll them out on already running rounds, of course. Only new game worlds will get it. But first, the feature development has to be finished. Don't hold your breath, yet. We have not decided on which new game rounds are going to be the first ones with the relocation changes
    As soon as there is more information to share, we will announce it through the usual channels.

    Sharp your swords and build some wonders of the world!

    Your Travian Kingdoms Team


    gaul-idea Community Communications Managerteuton-strong