Why am I deleting

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    German precisity is already the past. Travian has adapted the general tendency (with its T5 version) to drop the program to the market as soon as possible. Bugs does npt matter. Test servers have overtaken the role of the alfa and beta testing. Inspite of this, the T5 (after 3 years) is full of serious bugs.
    What happened to me?? All I've done is to change from governor to king. As a king, I had only rights to invite dukes, but no more. I can not conquer oasis, I can not invite governors to my "kingdom" and - of course - not a single tribute can be collected. None. I can not even see this button either.
    Every game is buggy, you can say. I agree with this. However, registering a bug report after almost 2 days indicates an outdated support.
    Solving the issue is also plus some day, that causes quite a big disadvantage to me as a player. No robber hideout/den income anymore, no tribute income, no oasis income and so on...
    So that is why I'm deleting. Ooopps, not. I am not even able to delete since the delete button is inactive as if I were a sitter.
    Bad luck, you can say.
    Big bug, I wouldsay.
    Thanks for playing boys, see you each other somewhere else!

  • Hey there @Topek#EN

    The problem with your active treasury not exerting influence is now fixed so you should be able to overtake nearby oases by attacking them.
    Please keep in mind that the game is evolving dynamically so bugs and errors may occur, but we're always trying to solve them as quickly as possible.

    Regarding the inactive deletion button - It is intended that you're unable to initiate your avatar's deletion because you're still king. You have to abdicate first in order to be able to do so.

    Kind regards

    Community Manager
    Travian Kingdoms International